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No Longer Has Any Hair To Dye!

Patsy Langley © Dave Milner
Patsy Langley © Dave Milner

I wasn’t going to do a Blog tonight, as we have been working to upload Patsy’s Talk at the Gatehouse on the Highgate Vampire from Oct 27th. Unfortunately we have run into some very temporary problems with the sound, regarding the background noise due to the very busy event.

Patsy was in fact the first speaker, and unintentionally had to speak over the  sound of quite a few visitors arriving in the pub. That said, we will get the sound sorted out. I did say the film would be ready for today (Sunday) but it might take a little longer, so in the meantime, we thought we’d leave you with a still from Patsy’s Talk, and the film itself will be well worth waiting for.

As a matter of fact, this problem does not seem to have been unique, as a group of third year university students who were also filming the events experienced difficulties with their camera equipment which they found no explanation for; not withstanding that it was all high class professional film making equipment which they had borrowed from their university. They mentioned this to me on Thursday night when they visited me at my home, and I omitted to mention to them that Della had a bit of a strange experience that day too, when the external door to the Gatehouse appeared to lock itself thus making it impossible for her to leave the building. The fact that she was dressed as the Gatehouse ghost may not have put their minds at rest in anycase – perhaps even the building itself fell for her disguise and confused her with the earthbound entity!

As a matter of fact, that reminds me, I am not very pleased with Della at the moment (or Drew), as I dictated a Blog last night in a state of some exhaustion, and left them to post it while I snatched a few minutes sleep. What did I find? She had posted up three candid photographs that Drew had taken whilst she was drying my hair, accompanied by a sordid little poem which no one will own up to writing however I note that it is copyrights ‘Della Farrant’. Say no more! Anyway, thought I would just leave it, as she did take such a long time washing and drying my hair. She has tried to make it up to me by cooking me a fish pie, loaded with giant prawns; so what can you do really? Its difficult to be angry sometimes! And I suppose at least, I have a sense of humour, unlike some of my critics that I could mention.

One of these, for example, has often tried to libel me on the Internet and elsewhere by saying that I ‘dye my hair’! Totally wrong and unfounded, and rather ironical in the circumstances, in that this particular person DID  used to dye his graying hair a peculiar shade of platinum blonde. If you think I’m joking, I have published photographs to prove it! More than this, the same person is very careful to clad his bald head in an astonishing variety of headgear, hoping it will go unnoticed that he no longer has any hair to dye!  Oh well, the world really is made up of idiots sometimes, it seems!

Anyway back to the more serious stuff, and will endeavour to get you Patsy’s well received interview  (or at least the link to it) up on here as soon as possible.

For the moment everyone, have a good night


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