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Hair Washing Day!

© Drew Hartley 2012

Very busy again lately, hence the reason for the slight delay in this Blog. What with filming appointments, meeting people, attending Talks and all the rest of it, it somehow can tend to get a bit tiring.

I had almost forgotten that we had been invited to a private film premiere in London’s West End this evening. Brother Drew came round to pick us up about 5.30pm in time for the champagne and canapés. But Lord forbid; I had forgotten! And it was only when Della reminded me earlier on that I realised I was by no means near ready. So we had to get Drew to ask the limousine driver just to wait a little while longer.

Drew was a little bit agitated as he expected us to be ready on time; and even a little more agitated when I insisted I couldn’t go until Della had finished washing my hair and it was dry. So, the sneaky b…… that he is sometimes, said that was OK. That’s fine. What he didn’t tell me however was that he had got out his small hidden spy camera and was filming the whole thing, perhaps intending to sell it to Japanese fan or something, I don’t know.  Well I was quite furious, because I couldn’t possibly go to a film premiere with wet hair: Drew said “Never mind, it’ll dry in the car, I’ll ask the chauffeur to put the heating on!” But I told Drew that really wasn’t good enough as there would be photographers there, so he would just have to wait until Della finished coiffuring me.

Well we got there in the end, and thank God Drew had arranged the limousine because he managed to scoff a whole quarter of a bottle of scotch before we even went into the venue! Anyway it was a really good film, and even better, my hair was dry by then and looking immaculate after Della had so carefully disarranged it (she has this really annoying habit of putting it into ringlets and not telling me).

We all came back here a little tired. When I first started attending these sorts of events I found the red carpet a bit overwhelming, but I am not phased by it now. And at least now I know how Princess Diana must have felt sometimes! We had a quick meal in a small ‘bijou’ restaurant in an establishment called the Burlington or something, I can’t recall, and have not long since arrived back at our Muswell Hill home. Then it was just a case of  opening a few bottles of  some wine, and getting all set for another adventurous day tomorrow. I have asked Della to post this for me as I am a little tired, and understand she has downloaded Drew’s illicit photographs. Anyway, she won’t post them – or she wouldn’t dare post them! As I have just told her not to.

So that’s it, everyone for now; personally I need some sleep after a very exhausting day.

Hopefully see you tomorrow,

Brother Drew came round to play,
But sadly it was hair washing day!
So he sat down heavily and with the patience of a rock
Watched as Della teased the Supreme Leader’s…
Locks.   © Della Farrant 2012

© Drew Hartley 2012


© Drew Hartley 2012

4 Responses

  1. Rose you’re so funny!
    Hope you’re feeling better.
    Did you take to your bed with your lobster when you were poorly?!

  2. By the way Rose you missed a cracker in Welcome to Sainsbury’s Muswell Hill the other day, when I fell over on the wet floor on the way in and managed to save myself with some sort of basketball / breakdancing move which I didn’t even know was possible, in front of the security guard, the cleaner man (who was mortified), and all the kiosk staff. Then did the same thing AGAIN in the drycleaners which also had a wet floor. Damn Uggs. Felt like a right idiot!

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