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Blogtime again, I suppose.  If that sounds a ‘little reluctant’ – its because it is!  Just a little tired tonight, but haven’t really done much today, so can’t really complain.

News?  The final part of our Pendle video will be going up over the weekend with sub-titles which are necessary to counter the sound of the rain.  Actually, this eased off towards the end of my Talk, but I don’t want to stand accused of avoiding questioners, so decided to put their audio voices up as I (we) heard them so people can judge for themselves.

As I said, I gave the Pendle Talk at the Convention there on June 16th after declining an invitation to accept a suggestion to attend the small Brighouse Gala Fete.  It turned out to be a much more sensible decision, and we had a really good time up in Yorkshire – sorry, forgot . . . Lancs, which is across the border from Yorkshire.  Lots of good food in the local pubs; adequate transport, plus enjoyable company which made the whole stay really enjoyable.

Apparently, I hear a rumour (some truth in rumours, sometimes I suppose) that a certain individual – or individuals – have been putting around a story on the Internet that I informed the Gala Committee to beware of a certain person as she was ‘a local mad woman’.  UNTRUE!  Just for the record, and just to ensure people get their ‘Christian principles’ in order!  I stated on my Blog – or it could have been elsewhere – that this person had a reputation for being the ‘local mad woman’.  TRUE.  She has! And I won’t refute one word of that!  In fact, I was putting that remark mildly, in view of the fact that this person was asserting that the evil Prioress who supposedly bled Robin Hood to death (in legend anyway) was a ‘real life’ vampire!  Lord give me strength!  And the person has apparently taken exception to my repeating the fact that the local populace regarded her as ‘mad’!  Well, that’s true, and I wholeheartedly stand by it!  What is NOT true, however, is that I wrote this for the consumption of the Brighouse Gala Committee, and for anyone to assert otherwise would be to commit a serious libel.

Not that I really mind that much.  It just seems that just a few people up in sleepy Yorkshire have nothing better to do than make up wild stories about people.  Maybe its because of all that “Emerdale Farm” they’re addicted to: or maybe “Coronation Street”?!?

Anyway, things have been fairly quiet in London, after all the excitement in Pendle.

Still have a lot of editing to do on the long interview Redmond conducted with myself just a week ago.  But it will all get done, and then I will supply the link to it here.

What else?  Not that much really.  Della had another long day at work, so I got some fish and chips in.  Not as tasty as lobster, I suppose, but the damn things keep attacking me! (See yesterday’s Blog pic. – and that was not a ‘fake’!

Well all for now everyone, and I’ll try and write again tomorrow if I’m not too tired!


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  1. There is a weird optical illusion which occurs when looking at this photo. If you slightly defocus your gaze, and look at the tree between you and the door, it seems as though your head is moving from left to right. Or maybe I just have a migraine coming on!

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