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Well, Easter again, and everything seems fairly quiet . . . comparatively.

Fairly late night last night (sorry, morning), and then Della disappeared to Church earlier today, dressed appropriately in a dark dress and shoes for the occasion of good Friday.  I don’t know what they do there, but I do respect her right to go and worship.  As a Roman Catholic, she takes her faith very seriously, although not through any form of commitment or ‘show’ but because of a deep spiritual commitment and understanding towards the ideals of her religion.

That is fine as far as I am concerned.  I have the greatest respect for people (of any religious denomination world-wide) who are drawn to acknowledge that Infinite Principle – or God – that gave life to us all; from the proud to the humble,  to all the teeming life forms of Nature with whom we all share this material world.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Any desire to come closer to that spiritual Principle that created this Universe (or other Universe’s for that matter) can only be a good thing; there is no sin in trying in seek out our true source of origin.

The only ‘sin’, if anything, is denying that such a ‘source’ exists; although often that is done in ignorance by those who live in ignorance of their true spiritual vocation.

No.  There is no sin in that.  The only ‘sin’ is surely on the part of some who pray to a man-made conception of a Divine Creator, then use such a belief to justify their own potential motivations against their fellow human beings.  God then becomes subjected to the human will; and we’ve all seen examples of what can happen when human beings are left to their own personal beliefs or devices.  I don’t even have to give examples.  Life, death, violence and disease all seem to make up this material world: we only have to open our eyes and look.

But it doesn’t have to be that way in the higher scheme of things: the consciousness of Man (and Woman) is merely another aspect of that Infinite Principe from which we all came; but it is necessary first to ‘open our eyes’ and recognise this . . .

Anyway, having some time to myself earlier today, I took advantage of this to complete a couple of pressing written projects which happily have now met the deadline.  Then, having a little time on my hands, I decided to relax and play again a short film which a friend had given me.  It is really a spoof film about the time and legend of Robin Hood.  It was really quite entertaining, if not very funny!  The film extra’s were trying to play it seriously (even when one inadvertently lost control of her dog which ran into shot and proceeded to do naughty things in full view of the camera’s); but really, who can really believe that Robin’s supposed grave (the spot he was allegedly buried after he shot his last arrow) was really haunted by a ‘vampire’ in the 20th century just because some ‘evil Prioress’ had supposedly ‘murdered’ him by the primitive medicinal act of blood letting; or draining him of blood!  But such are the amusements of the material world sometimes.  To me, it is not the glamorised fiction which is at fault (we all like a good fiction yarn!) but the apparent easiness with which some people actually believe it!  But more on the film later, when the edits are ready.  Little tired now at 5.10 am, but more on this soon . . .



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