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I must confess I’m very surprised at the amount of people reading this blog; especially as I’m not really saying anything – at least, which I really considered to be of any great importance. My emails have significantly increased and I’ve met a lot of new people.

Unfortunately, I cannot cater for some of the suggestions; a main one that I bring paranormal BPOS investigations to the fore; discuss particular cases and yes, you’ve guessed it, the ‘Highgate Vampire’! But no. I am sorry everyone, I am not prepared to do that. I have a Forum board for that purpose and don’t really want those discussion to ‘overlap’ here.

This blog IS a forum, admittedly, but only a ‘forum’ in that I am using it to express my thoughts and feelings; and quite honestly. I really have no idea what I’m going to say from one minute to the next! I really don’t know what I’m going to say tomorrow just as I had no idea what I was going to write today. All I can say in relation to this post was that the emails prompted it, but that’s all.

But in regard to these, I really wish some of you people would get involved here. Put up some comments or ask questions . . . But remember, when it comes to the silly Highgate ‘vampire’ (‘silly’ in the sense of the fictional one that was invented!) or recent personal relationships, The Governor is WATCHING YOU!!! Don’t worry, I am not ‘suppressing’ the Highgate ‘vampire’, and I am fully aware that I am one of the few people qualified to talk about it! I am just saying that I would prefer not to clutter this blog up with all the nonsense about ‘vampires’ that surrounds the official case

For people really interested in this, you can go to my forum board. Or just type in David Farrant + The Highgate Vampire on Google or any other major search engine and you can get all the information you want! But not here please.

For God’s sake! There are plenty more other issues, so lets ‘bury’ the Highgate ‘vampire’ here (and all its associations) where it really belongs . . . in the pages of history! That does not mean that I do not want genuine discussion here. I do. And I will get around to answering all the emails. Lets discuss Life if you want to. That covers most other things1

Sorry to sound a little ‘stern’ today everyone, but I just don’t want ‘vampires’ to spill over onto these pages. Its not asking a lot!
David Farrant


4 Responses

  1. hi David.
    I know u dont wanna talk about the Highgate Vampire anymore but i’ve got just one question and then i’ll shut up lol
    a friend sent me a video of you called “In Search of the Highgate Vampire” and towards the end you say “As to the question of whether a vampire still exists at Highgate Cemetery, well, I can only say yes it does.”
    now u know what i’m gonna ask i’m sure, but can you please explain what u meant by that as i’m a little confused.
    i promise to stay off of it after that.
    anyway I’m still reading the blog and its going good

    I will answer your question on this occasion, Craig, because it’s a perfectly fair one and is being circulated by one particular person in an almost desperate attempt to make people believe that I believe in vampires, when I do not.
    You were at my talk on May 23 and you would have heard me say that the entire Highgate Vampire story was one elaborate hoax perpetuated by this same particular person (whom I named and produced pictures of dressed up as a ‘vampire’). I also said that the published picture of a ‘real‘ decomposing vampire published in various books and shown on television (taken from a home-made 8mm film made in 1968), had been cleverly faked, and I told the audience – with the aid of a witness in the audience – how this had been done.
    With this in mind, let me now go back to your question:
    The statement you quote was indeed made by myself and it appeared at the end of a video titled “In Search of the Highgate Vampire” featuring myself. This video was circulated widely with my full knowledge and consent and was even on sale in certain shops in London’s West End.
    When that film was made in 1998, it was laced with special effects. One of these main effects, showed the ’Highgate vampire’ walking down some steps from a circle of vaults inside Highgate Cemetery.
    At the very end of the film, the producer said he wanted me to say that a vampire that once walked in Highgate Cemetery partly to ’confirm’ the effects; equally because the film was being marketed in America. (American’s love ‘Old Country’ vampire stories as “Buffy” has since proved!). So that line was said at the film for only that reason; and it was said very ‘tongue-in-cheek’ as anybody who has seen the film will know.
    Quite apart from this, it was other people who turned the original entity or ‘ghost’ into a ‘vampire’. The Press originally coined this term in connection with myself (the article in the London Evening News dated October 15 was headlined “Midnight Vigil for the Highgate Vampire”) so is it any wonder that I should use this term for the enlightened masses as a point of reference? It is tantamount to me making a statement about the Loch Ness Monster and referring to it as such. It would be a statement for point of reference only. Not an admission that I believed ‘Nessi’ really was a ‘monster’! (In fact, I do not personally believe this to be the case).
    For somebody to select this line (not yourself personally admittedly) and now try and use it as ‘evidence’ that I believe in real vampires, perhaps shows the limits of this person’s mentality ; and, to be honest with you, it does not say much for the mentality of people believing such staged propaganda!
    So, for the hundredth time! A vampire never existed at Highgate Cemetery, or outside of it.
    The only ‘vampire’ that did exist, was just one person dressed up as one!
    But this is an entirely different matter! Although I had hoped I had made this abundantly clear during my talk.
    David Farrant

  3. No vampire comments from me – there are other places to ask about the wretched ‘vampire’ anyway!
    I agree with you, let’s talk about living; living in Highgate is arguably one of the best places one could live – the woods, the streets, the pubs and restaurants, public transport – and of course, the cemetery. You are a lucky person, living one of the most fashionable parts of London! Heh heh!
    No grouchiness allowed…! X!

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