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For Everyone, Please Note

Please read my last post to Janice everyone,  under the heading “Enough of this, please”.
It is really applicable to everybody, not just Janice.  I trust this post is really self-explanatory.



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  1. Hi David,
    I find the recent postings on a certain person’s blog to be in very bad taste, especially since the person claims to be a christian. I recall a telephone conversation we had a couple of years back, where you expressed doubt about getting involved with this female. Would that you had listened to your inner voice at the time. I always suspected that this person was mentally unbalanced and extremely desperate for a relationship. Perhaps that is why she is acting like such a deranged bunny-boiler now. Really, your boudoir activities should not be bandied about on the net like this. Thankfully her book, if it ever existed, seems to have been put on hold

  2. Hello Cat. Where have you been? Curled up on some heavenly rug, no doubt!
    Do I have a television set and watch programmes do I watch?
    Really Cat, what a strange question. Well, maybe to me its not so strange as I’m not considered to a ‘normal’ everyday ‘run of the mill’ person, I suppose. According to what you read, anyhow.
    No. I don’t have a TV, only an old clapped out black and white one which don’t work anymore. Not that I miss it; I rarely used to watch TV anyway except to sometimes switch it on for the news or the weather.
    I have a DVD player which someone gave me, but I hardly ever turn that on either.
    You have to remember, Cat, ‘us witches’ are not really ‘conventional’ people and never really on material items!

  3. Yes, this book was being advertised widely on the Internet; my name being the central character. The person claomed that they were ‘going to tell all’ and back it all up with photegraphs, letters, emails, other documents, etc. All this was entirely unprovoked which, indeed, is why I was forced to write letters to certain people making them aware of the true situation.
    But that is just another reason I don’t want all this vindictive nonsense to spill over onto here. People like Janice can still ask me questions, of course, but I simply won’t entertain these sordid allegations. I agree, indeed, entirely unChristian!
    I would not normally discuss personal relationships Rob as it would just not be fair to other people. But as it you! . . .
    To set the record straight, I have not had a true (loving, as in real love) for many years now. The present can take its own course naturally.
    I am not denying that I have had many WORKING relationships with many different people. This is all on record anyway, so I could hardly want to deny it.
    Buts that’s all. There is a HUGE difference!
    Might be better to leave this subject now though, Rob. I really don’t want to discuss peoples’ claims about me. That’s really a matter for them and their conscience. To put it metarphorically, they mightbe fooling themselves, but they are not fooling God!
    For the moment,

  4. No, TV, no music. My, my, miaow. Both this blog and your life seem very limited to ghosts, goblins, spirituality and women. Surely you must scrape a fiddle, play whist, cheer a football team, see a film, etc. something more human and less Holy Man. Being a cat, I wouldn’t know, but to me, those subjects seem more in keeping with The Human Touch.

  5. Fair point/s, Cat.
    I don’t really know what to say to that, other than to agree! Well, I mean, agree I might be like that.
    Seriously though, I have always given a very low prioity to material things. That’s why I took up the challenge to do this Blog, and agreed to it being called “The Human Touch”.
    I just like to portray life as I see it, or as it happened.
    Guess that’s why some of us authors are like that! We can just see beyond conventionalism, which gives usthe ability towrite about it!

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