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Its Still Tuesday

Well, another day not far from being over, and I was surprised by the amount of emails from other people who hadn’t got my email since I posted it here earlier.

I have answered most of them, but a couple were ‘slightly irrelevant’ to anything so I’ve put these ‘at the back of the queue’ for the moment. People can still ask me questions here, of course, but I realise that some people prefer to address some correspondence off a public platform. So be it, that is their choice. At least, I hope people will realise that I am not hiding behind any ‘mask of secrecy’ (or aliases) and they can approach me personally if they really want to. As some of you have. Thank you!

What else? Its fairly late, but I had a call around 9 pm reminding me that I had an appointment at 1 pm tomorrow. Nothing really important, but I’m glad he reminded me or I’d forgotten completely even though I had written it in my diary!



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  1. David, I agree; this ‘blog is for your thoughts and our comments on them, not for answering professional questions. There are plenty of other places for folks to ask those. There is much more depth to David Farrant than just his professional side.

  2. Thanks you Columbine, that’s exactly what I meant.
    I gave my email out for that purpose only; for genuine people to contact me should they wish to do so.
    I really don’t believe in hiding behind aliases or a ‘cloak of secrecy’. Why should I? I’ve got nothing to hide. If I had, I would never have agreed to write my own blog.
    But I can understand if this frustrates a few people. They may come here pursuing matters psychic, and all they get from ‘the man himself’ is, ‘no’ sorry, not here!
    So its understandable in this respect. But I’m not condemning anybody for that.
    Put it this way, if you like: This is not about my ‘professional life’, but about my private one. That may be ‘boring’ in what people have come to expect of me; but it makes a highly refreshing change as far as I am personally concerned.
    Thanks for your understanding on this, Columbine.

  3. Speaking of professional, I see some elderly gent is in need of professional psychiatric help
    With winter coming, I could use a thick cotton T Shirt to snuggle in my chilly basket as the dratted goat has ate the glen plaid pillow again.

  4. Look, Pussy Cat,
    I have had to remove your link, simply because I don’t want this blog to be linked or associated to people on other boards whose comments are not relevant here. They may may well be in need of professional help, but that is really their problem, not mine!
    Put a link up to some group or organisation who are against ‘cat vivesection’, by all means; not that this would affect you now as you’re supposed to be a ‘ghost’!
    Better still, why don’t you start up your own ‘cat blog’, then you and that carniverous goat could discuss these matters all you want.
    Just a thought!

  5. Sorry for the link but I thought you might be able to do something about the bizarre “comments” made there.

  6. -“Hope you understand you ‘phantom feline’!”
    Yes. And when you next patronise Toffs I hope you will blog about it. Seafood has a special interest to me. Miaow.

  7. -“So can you perhaps explain what significance Toff’s possibly has?”
    Nothing sinister. I like fish.
    -“I did buy some girl a bag of chips there”
    Ho ho, there is always a “girl” in your stories.

  8. Thank you LJB’s cat,
    The only reason I removed the link is because it related to nothing in discussion here. Well, it related to nothing in discussion anywhere, except in the mind of the originators who were only making all such claims themselves!
    I just did not want genuine readers here to be distracted by such nonsense. I knew few would be, but I nevertheless felt that the link was not relevant in that it related to ‘religious claims’ and ‘vampires’ – the very subjects that I was anxious to avoid debating here.
    Hope you understand you ‘phantom feline’!

  9. Now that is something you can explain if you want, as I wasn’t sure what you meant when you meant when you mentioned “Toffs” before.
    For the benefit of unenlightened people, “Toffs” is a high class (and very expensive) fish and chip shop up the road.
    But I never go in there, Cat, because of the prices (and all the hidden extras). I mean, go in there to actually eat. I did buy some girl a bag of chips there on a couple of occasions last year, but that’s about all.
    So can you perhaps explain what significance Toff’s possibly has?
    It must be either some figament of your ‘mumified cat’s brain’; or a red herring (sorry to make you hungry); which?

  10. Hi David,
    Oh yes, when one is working in the ‘psychic’ side of life, that is all anyone ‘outside’ ever sees; the private person gets ‘lost’ among the ‘public’ personas. I often came across people who thought I dressed in ‘coats with moons and stars on’ and ‘funny pointed hats’ just because I worked as a medium. They were startled to realise that I was an ordinary human being who lived in a council flat and did her shopping at Tesco’s.
    So I understand your wanting to keep this ‘blog’ for your private thoughts. That is how it should be.

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