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At The Doctors

Strange old day today. Kept a doctor’s appointment (for once!). I only really needed them to complete some form, but they seem far more worried about me than anything I’m worrying about!

Think its because of my ‘foot problem‘. It all went smoothly today, but I remembered the last time when I got a lecture on smoking. She was also very concerned about my foot. I kept stressing that I was not in any serious pain and I had to tell her that I was definitely NOT going to the hospital to get it X-Rayed. I know what the problem is, probably better than she did, (only I have never told her). I had a bad fall and smashed a vertebra in my lower back in 2002, which caused some nerves to become damaged and lead to the problem in walking. But if I told her that, she’s want me to get my back X-Rayed as well, and the last thing I want to do is mess about in hospitals. I am really quite happy. There are many more people greatly more worse off than me, and I am just happy to have this present ‘gift of Life’, without worrying about things that are not really that important. Saw someone else today, and just left the form for her to complete, which is all I really wanted.

Came home to learn I had to sort some more important forms to put out in the post.
Then I couldn’t find an important reference on the computer for something else which I had to get in the post. Then I realised that I still five book orders to deal with; and on top of that, somebody emailed who wanted another reference about the film script. (Can’t remember if I’ve gone into any precise details here – I doubt it – but I can’t really say anymore about that).

My God! I’m just going to have to get another secretary as some work is becoming a bit of a burden. Gillian was fantastic, (bless her!), but she’s got another job now so can’t do as much as she used to.

But there are also some personal letters to deal with. Some of these might be seemingly unimportant, but I always try and make a point of answering all letters . . . Eventually!

NB By the way, please remember, personal queries or enquiries to myself (as opposed to general enquiries about forum membership, details of current publications, etc) can be sent to: [email protected]m. But please remember, I reserve the right to select any emails that I feel are appropriate to matters raised here. (Just trying to take a little pressure off other people dealing with all the enquiries, that’s all!!).


3 Responses

  1. Honestly David, these doctors can be real ‘busybodies’ sometimes. I don’t blame you for not wanting to reveal all, so to speak. As you say, there are far more serious cases.
    We have you for a little while longer yet, I am happy to say!

  2. -“We have you for a little while longer yet, I am happy to say!”
    And then he will join the goat and I. Miaow.

  3. I can tell you definitely, you ‘moth-eaten cat’, I’d much rather go down to the ‘other place’ than be tormented by you two ‘up there’!
    Imagine, a whole eternity of it, no thanks!

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