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Busy Day

I got my cigarettes off H on Saturday and he stayed for 15 minutes or so.  He told me about some problems with getting the right cigarettes now as the demand was getting greater with requests for duty free.

I did tell him about the girl I needed for cleaning though, and asked him he knew of anybody. I said I couldn’t pay that much and I only needed her for a couple of hours once or twice a week. As I thought, he treated my request very seriously and said he might be able to find somebody, at least, he’d try. I am really serious about this, as I have so much other important writing work to concentrate on, and don’t want to worry about keeping the place tidy. I don’t really expect her to do anything in the large back room, as that wouldn’t be fair due to the partially collapsed ceiling; its mainly my front room and the kitchen. I really don’t care too much what the girl will look like, even if she doesn’t speak English. It doesn’t look too good when people come to visit; especially if its some film crew.

I have been thinking about the two books I’m working on. One is fairly straight forward as I just intend to combine my two autobiographies “Shadows in the Night” and “Dark Secrets” into one bound volume (haven’t decided on a new title yet).

The other is autobiographical in that it carries on after the end of “Dark Secrets” (1974) to bring things right up to date. I was going to include very recent events in this as its own chapter; but now I decided to expound the chapter “Pact with Evil” into a separate book in its own right. Basically, it will tell of the current revival of Paganism and modern Wicca and how many people (mostly the young and gullible) in this ‘Search for Truth’ have been ‘ensnared’ away from this path by unscrupulous Satanists or other false religious Cults and Sects, and other self-appointed ’religious’ freaks.  In fact I warned about this very real danger as far back as 1972 in articles I was writing at the time; but it is a danger that is seemingly timeless. There is certainly so much material there, and much of it is right up to date. I think the book could be a best seller; though I haven’t finished writing it yet!

Had to leave the books today though. Two important appointments today (one as early as 10 am) but luckily they were both fairly local.  Didn’t get back ‘till gone five from the second one, though I’ll get some more done on the books later.

Telephone call about 6.30 from the friend I saw yesterday.  Asked if next weekend was OK again. I said it was, but to phone me again to confirm it as all sorts of things were going on at the moment. I like her, but there is no love in it. Besides, I have been seriously tempted into thinking about a repeat performance of the one we had at the front door. Well, I suppose its more exciting than just talking!


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  1. Besides, I have been seriously tempted into thinking about repeat performance of the one we had at the front door. Well, I suppose its more exciting than just talking!
    Go for it, David – you only live once (except if you believe in reincarnation! Ha ha!)

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