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Halloween Sequel – ‘Innocent Hauntings’

Its nearly November again! Gosh doesn’t time ‘spin round’ so quickly – if you let it!

Still getting response from the Metro article and emails; but I really hope I’ve settled that silly question of the Highgate ‘vampire’ and ‘Robin Hood’s ghost’ by now. Well, apparently not – not completely!

You know, I wrote an article titled “Is Robin Hood’s Ghost Really At Rest?” about two years ago on another Website and now even this is now somehow being erroneously misinterpreted Some delusional female is now trying to say that this in some way contradicts the short Halloween piece I wrote on the “Ghost of Robin Hood” here yesterday. Somebody please show me how!?

I never denied that the alleged location of ‘Robin Hood’s ‘Grave’ was supposedly haunted; all I was pointing out was how somewhat ‘innocent hauntings’ (and these appear all over the country’) can be sometimes be exploited by people to turn them into something which they are really not. The Highgate ‘vampire’ was one such case, Robin Hood’s ghost was another. That’s all I was saying.
When I wrote my original article, it was based on local witness accounts and legends of this haunting, that’s all, which I presented as honestly as possible on the information I had acquired after visiting the area in early 2005. So that article stands as reporting the facts as these were presented to me.

Its true that I attended the grave with an exorcist and others in April of that year and took part in a ‘blessing ceremony’ there. But that is all. I was with a person who showed me a letter to herself from the owner of the land giving her permission to visit, and as she was later to state herself you couldn’t expect a defenceless woman to go walking through wild woods unprotected. I certainly wouldn’t call that ‘trespassing’!

A small film crew were also present and one of them (the producer, in fact) loaned my camera (at my request) to take about eight shots of this after it was over. These photographs all remain exclusively my copyright – indeed I have the negatives from my film and the set of colour prints and I used one of these to illustrate my article (which obviously also remains my exclusive copyright.).

So, somebody is obviously getting a little confused here, because I do not need permission to publish my own photographs as and when I please.

But aside from that now ‘spiteful tantrum’, everything is quiet elsewhere. Halloween fever has now apparently subsided, and the ‘occult scene’ is going back to its usual boring lethargy. Had a call earlier from somebody genuinely concerned about all the Halloween ‘controversy’ about this and other things. She seems to think that certain people are just using very limited space on the Internet to get me involved in unnecessary discussion – and not even being truthful about it!

Please do not worry, I would never allow that. I do not wish to get into third hand debate with anybody. I will still answer genuine questions here, however. Sometimes however, when you see such untrue allegations ‘struggling around’, you have no choice but to correct them. Which is all I have done.

It was quiet in town today. Only about 5 days ‘till Guyfawkes night! I don’t know, think that’s even worse than Halloween!


5 responses

  1. Hi David,
    Isn’t it amazing how things like ghosts and vampires can bring out the worst traits in people? Nothing is ever open to discussion – it’s a case of ‘my way or no way.’
    Oh dear!

  2. hi David
    have you got a copy of your article yet?
    if not i can scan and send u a copy of it. on the way home from work i saw a few of yesterdays copies on the seats some of them were open at your page. what r the chances of that!!!
    i’m a bit lost with all this robin hood was a vampire bullshit. sounds like a few people r desperate and want their own highgate vampire thing.
    i read that birds blog and it cracked me up mate. the amount of times she saus ‘i’m not going to look at his blog’ and the next day shes banging on about u again!!! lol
    also the whole ‘my ex david Farrant who used to be my ex…did i mention david farrant my ex? anyway my ex david farrant who used to be my ex wont stop talking about me. i wish my ex david farrant would leave me alone’
    lol so funny it cracks me up.
    get a life!!!
    anyway have u had loads of trick or treaters tonight? whats ur opinion on all that?
    i love halloween but i dont like the way its become an american festivity.

  3. Hi Craig,
    Actually, the games we call ‘trick or treat’ nowadays, is actually an evolution of a very ancient English tradition. In Anglo-Saxon times at about this time of year, ladies of the village households would bake ‘soul cakes’, which were small, flat pancake-type confections. A man from the village would be appointed as ‘soul collector’ for the evening, and would go around to each wattle and daub hut, asking for a cake. If he promised to pray for the departed souls of the village he would be rewarded with a cake; if he refused to pray for the dear departed, the ladies would shoo him away and he would curse them. This tradition was part of English life until about the 16th/17th centuries, when the English left to settle in America. They took this tradition with them, whilst it gradually fell into disuse over here. It was revived as ‘trick or treat’ in America in the 1930’s, although it was practised in various parts of America before that time. It’s an English tradition that has been brought home.
    Not many people know that!

  4. Hello David,
    You will enjoy another loving relationship again; it will come around once more. I really feel for you, after you gave so much of yourself in the past.
    Yes, I was once accosted in the street by some teenage girls, almost demanding money with menaces, one Hallowe’en. I asked them what they knew about the festival and what Hallowe’en means, promising to give them £1 each if they could tell me. None of them had a clue, so they went away empty-handed. I do wish people would do their homework before they start demanding treats from complete strangers, especially those who actually practise the religion behind the festival on a daily basis!
    Like yourself, those girls had no idea they’d stopped a real witch!
    Columbine. (not an ex-girlfriend!)

  5. Hi Craig,
    What an appropriate night to post! My opinion on the ‘Halloween kids’ is not very high, I’m afraid! Bless the poor little horrors, I suppose, but I just wish they’s stop dressing up as witches! (I mean, you’re talk to an ex pro here!).
    The ‘birds blog’ (lets remember though there are only two of them, I think anybody else is too embarrased to post!), both amuses and annoys me.
    It amuses me because it is so full of blatant contradictions, which they themselves are now contradicting: it ‘annoys’ me in that one of these individuals keeps referring to myself as ‘her Ex’. It doesn’t really worry me, as hardly anyone believes it! (probably like yourself); its annoying only because the period in which we did have a working relationship is now desperately trying to be transferred into meaning that we had a more serious one.
    I have said this before, but I have only ever had one really loving relationship in the far past. Whether I will have another, I don’t know, but then who knows what events in the immediate present will develop into. I can’t say anymore about that.
    But regarding the past Craig (including the recent past) you’d be so suprised if you knew the number of people who have claimed to be ‘ex girfriends’ even though they were not at all!
    Well, a few might have thought they had been mistaking friendship and my name for the wrong thing. But if that happened, it was very one-sided for they meant nothing more to me in that direction.
    I’m OK for a copy of the Metro thanks, as Columbine has put one in the post to me. I can’t understand so many copies open at my page though. You’d think they have taken it home to file! Still, I guess the next commuter would have read it more easily!
    Happy Halloween (sorry!!),
    For now,

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