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Good News

Good News.  A new book with a chapter about the Highgate ‘vampire’ (and myself, of course!) has just appeared on Amazon.

I’ll give details next time as I don’t have my advance copy to hand, and quite literally cannot remember the ISBN.

You see, I am not the only one writing books!  And I guess this is just further proof of the ongoing interest in the case.

My own book is coming along well though; but I’ll write more about that tomorrow.  I know we ‘witches’ are supposed to have supernatural powers, but even we get tired sometimes!

So for the moment,


8 Responses

  1. Great news about the book, David. I hope it’s a true representation of the case, and not a whitewash, as we’ve seen with some books.

  2. Yes David, the book promises to “rip the lid off” the entire affair, as the saying goes. Speaking of ripping, I see pics on blogs of the Yorkie Pudding with the blonde hair when she was young and quite handsome. But now quite savagely turned against you, and I wonder if this is a case of “hell hath no fury” also. Did you ever do more than kiss her? I wonder if you can clear up the “nature” of your involvement wth this person. Miaow.

  3. I’ll clear you up if you’re not careful, Cat!
    I have already told you I have absolutely no interest in the person you mention. They are apparently obsessed with myself, but that’s not really my fault!
    I don’t like to just ignore questions, however, so I’ll answer your 2 points a little later – but not now!
    For now,

  4. Hello again Whiskers!
    Your question is of a very personal nature and I have always made it clear here (and elsewhere) that I do not wish to discuss people personally. Notwithstanding that some of these people discuss me on a daily basis and have even named me in full. That to me represents harassment in the extreme, and certain authorities can see this as well.
    Let me answer your question by way of an analogy . . .
    “To betray a friend, is to welcome an enemy”.
    That says it all really, and to see such betrayal, people only have to look for themselves.
    But I suppose we should not forget that such betrayal has been a part of human nature for centuries.
    Did not such a temptation overcome Judas, for example, when he betrayed Our Lord for 30 miserly pieces of silver? A man he had once befriended and followed, only to betray Him out of ignorance and greed and very human gratification.
    I guess that is one consequence of putting material needs and personal desires before true spiritual values.
    Certain people are certainly aware of the Truth: but I assure you Truth in this instance will not ‘set them free’.
    For the moment,

  5. Who’s betrayed who? I never heard of anyone betraying anyone else. Maybe it’s all in the mind of the writer? In which case, it is very dangerous.

  6. I think that is really the matter, Columbine. I never betrayed anyone. To the contrary, I trusted them!
    Just shows you how trust and consideration can be repaid sometimes.
    Strange how love turns into bitterness and hatred sometimes. There is no ‘hatred’ there on my part; but the other ‘part’ is there for all to see!
    For the moment,

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