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Gearing Up For A ‘Dickipoggy’ Hallowe’en

Very tired tonight, so haven’t really got time for a long Blog. Hopefully my interview with Redmond McWilliams, titled ‘In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire’, will be up in the next couple of days (part 4 that is).

OK, that might be the fourth part, but because of its length, there will be a few more extracts to go before we get the whole interview completed.

In the meantime, we’ve also been working on another short film relating to ‘Robin Hood’s Grave’ – or so it is said – up in Kirklees, West Yorkshire. That is almost completed now, and will be released in time for Hallowe’en. It has an unusual cast of characters, some familiar faces (and possibly voices),  and some  new stars!  Anyway, here is a short trailer for this forthcoming extravaganza – and there’s lots more where that came from!

Well I shall leave you all with that for the time being because as I mentioned am very tired tonight; partly because of all the demands from the Japanese investors. They have slightly modified their vision for the film we have working on with them, and now seem to want me to play the role of a supernatural action hero – modelled on  myself of course – guarding the grave from despots and unwanted people! Not sure of their exact plans yet, but here is an a preview picture released recently in Japan for the company.

Don’t really want to be a ‘hero’, as such, as always consider myself to be a very humble person, just writing on psychical events and disturbances. Still, these things have a strange way of escalating of their own accord, and I suppose someone has to save the damsels in distress of Calderdale from the medieval spirit of Red Roger – at least,  according to the Japanese interpretation anyway.

So until tomorrow all,

I bid you adieu.


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  1. Hi David, Been enjoying your ‘In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire’. But are you going to post part two of your interview with Mark Pilkington? Part one has been up for a while, but no part two.

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