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Ghostbuster Comes South

IN MAY 2005, a Ghostbusters headed south to visit reputedly haunted sites in and around Highgate, North London.

Andy Wright had teamed up with a group of psychics and on their agenda to visit and spend vigils was the eerie site of a Roman Settlement in Highgate Wood; two old coaching Inns in Highgate Village where a ‘tall black figure’ had been reported, Hampstead Heath that houses the spooky Spaniards Inn and, of course, Highgate Cemetery, scene of (or ‘past scene’ of) alleged ‘vampire’ sightings.

The group began their planned tour around 6 pm, intending to use the available light to inspect more accessible sites and end up later in Swains Lane once darkness had enveloped Highgate Cemetery.

Andy took advantage of his Highgate visit to also visit myself, and for a good hour we exchanged notes and I updated him on current sightings (and other reported ‘visitations’ by some ‘invisible presence’) in and around the cemetery.  I was later to meet his group of psychics who had gathered at the Old Roman Settlement, taking photographs and readings of the deserted area.

Later in that year, Andy sent me a full report of the group’s impressions and experiences, and he has kindly given me to summarise this here to enlighten those who may not be so familiar about the ‘ghosts’ reported in the Highgate area.

This I will do at a later time as the report is quite long and it needs accurate representation.

But in the meantime, here is a photograph of my first actual meeting with Andy Wright in my flat, which incidentally, overlooks Highgate Wood and the eerie Roman Settlement.

David Farrant


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  1. Please accept my humble apologies honoured Count, I have had so much to do this past week. I will post your 2 books on Monday, promise.
    By the way, if you want to review my latest one (In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire) here now you’ve got it now, please do so. But don’t just pick out the ‘sexy bits’, there is a lot more to it than that!
    I know you Rob, and that’s what I know you’d like to do. DON’T!!
    So, books will go Monday,
    For now,

  2. Hello,
    Look forward to books as usual. No problem with a review, but busy as hell. Should be able to post one up this week. Ta very much.

  3. Have to post your books tomorrow, Rob, as somebody coming this evening. Will do, promise!
    Yes, make it a good review and I will put it on the main Blog. When I say ‘good’, I don’t necessarily mean about myself! (you can say what you think), I mean interesting!
    I’ll email when books have gone,
    For now,

  4. My dear Roberto
    You will be pleased to know that I have now packaged up your two books, and addressed them with a stamp.
    What you may not be so please to know is that I missed the 5.30 post!
    But they will be posted tomorrow for Thursday.
    I just can’t wait for your review!
    For now,

  5. My dear David, Excuses, excuses :-] Seriously, have written review. Will post up tomorrow. Hope you enjoy. Speak soon.

  6. Thanks for your review Rob, I will put it up as a main post a little later.
    I am afraid to say that I missed the 5.30 post again yesterday (Wed) but I still posted it so it went this morning. Post permitting, you should get it tomorrow.
    Til later,

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