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Easter Again!

Easter again!

Gosh, doesn’t time fly.  It only seems like yesterday that I wrote something about Easter here,  but I really cannot remember that post in detail.  Busy couple of days actually, so might try and just relax a bit today.

I heard from my friend Demian Allan over the holiday, and pleased to learn that his interview with myself back in October last year, has now been released.  Demian is an Astrologer and deeply interested in all things psychic and paranormal, and to this end,  often interviews  people involved in this field for Television, or indeed, for his own personal writings on the subject.  He has his own Website which is at: and if you look on the left there under the heading “Demain Allan’s Paranormal World” there is a link to the interview he did with myself.

I enjoyed doing that interview.  It was very relaxed and I felt it easy to talk without any ‘pressure’ that interviewers can sometimes give you.  But Demian didn’t put me under any sort of ‘pressure’, we just spoke normally, and that’s why I’m happy with it.

I’ve been getting a few more queries about the new book (2nd Volume), but you really will have to wait folks before I can publish anymore short extracts.  The book is not due out until late Summer, so I have to be a little careful about how much I release beforehand.  The other one, “Pact with the Devil” is now complete, however, and will be out within the next few weeks.  That might indeed invoke the ‘devil’s scorn’;  but that’s something I’m quite used to!

Seeing Jamie again soon, and actually spoke to Lauryn on Friday.  She was very ‘shy’ – but not as much as I was!  Hope to meet her soon anyway.

Saw Gareth Friday, but I think I mentioned that in my last Blog.  Did an interview for Nocturnal Frequency Radio as well, but I think I mentioned that too.  The old Highgate ‘vampire’ is sure getting around; but maybe not with the full approval of its original creator!

Well, that’s about it for now.  But do have a look at Demian’s Website though;  its very informative and interesting.

So until a little later,


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