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Dorm ‘Fight’!

Usual Behaviour! That's me underneath © Della Farrant

As I’m meeting an old school friend tomorrow from my old Weymouth school, just thought you might like to see this picture of a dormitory ‘fight’ from 1961.  He is not in it, although he could well have taken the picture – really can’t remember.  It wasn’t all ‘learning’ – for myself anyway!


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  1. David it looks like your chum on the left has his elbow squarely in your “wedding tackle”. Is it painful?

  2. hi David, hope you o,k. tell my dear Gareth im missin him and hope to catch up with you both soon,have good day tomorrow, Hi Cat how you been ive really missed you,were have you been?

  3. I might have expected you to pick up on that Cat. Especially when I hadn’t, even noticed it before!
    Just for your information, that is only one picture in the set (can’t find the rest right now); the others show myself lying underneath 5 or 6 beds piled up on top of me. Now, that really was a bit painful!

  4. Yes, I’d like to see more pictures from the borstal, David. Maybe you have some of you “ham acting” in student theatre productions, “alas poor Yorik,” that sort of thing. Hello Speedqueen, how’s your leather britches?

  5. hi dave, it was great seeing you again.i am glad that we met after all those years and i am sad that we missed out on the 40 odd years since last we saw each seems that fate has kept us apart even though we lived only 30 mins away from each other.the date for your diary is 27 th ofmay .if you can manage it i would love to get you over here to meet my familly. please dont lose touch your mate ..roger

  6. Hello,David.i left you a post,on the 14th,unsure whether you got it or not? i wmentioned that there is a strange graveyard near where i live,at MonksKirby.i will see you in Highgate soon,when the weather picks up.ithought your school photo was great.At least you had some fun!My schooldays were crap.One day idecided to walk out in the middle of a lesson ,and not go back.You should have heard the fuss everyone made.Anyone would have thought id done something terrible.My parents made me go back because i was in the schoolchior,and they had this thing where i had to sing.i hated the teachers ,hated the pupils,hated the lessons,all except music.UGGH! just thinking about it leaves a nasty memory.Wish you could go back on arcadia.i got told off for mentioning it there.wonder if im banned from mentioning it here as well? YOURS,CLARMONDE

  7. Hi Clarmonde
    Yes I got it; in fact I published in the replies under the “Choosing Dinner” title. Can’t remember if I got back to it, had a very hectic couple of days. I’ll look after this and if I didn’t will answer you later.
    You can mention Arcadia here, just not real names please. Just call ‘him’ “Kangeroo” (and maybe the other one “the devil”) though, everybody will know who you mean. I can not go into the suspension business in detail here, except to say Andrew Gough is a friend of mine and he is fully aware of the position. It could have been because somebody erroneously told you that I had been ‘banned’ which, in fact, is not the case at all.
    It would certainly be good to meet you in Highgate or you can bring your friend to my address as well if you want (which I won’t put here at the moment). Its early days yet. but I might be able to arrange for my friend Patsy and here husband to visit HC as well. I know she wants to visit HC again and it’ll be even better if she can come by car.
    I think the long winter is finally over though. Which suites me as I hate the cold!
    Have to see if I can find anything on that cemetery near you. But if I can’t, you can always tell me here if you want.
    Thanks Clarmonde,

  8. HI DAVID,Thanks for your post,i found quite a bit actually on MonksKirby.Apparently the place got wrecked in2oo8-see Lord Denbigh,pigs blood attack.Someone advertised it as a haunted place,on a website and it attracted vandals.Apparently lord Denbigh has since taken measures to keep an eye on the place.(i wondered who it was watching with binoculars,when i visited it that day). Someone left a pigs liver lying on thechapel step.My friends a photographer and we went to take some pictures, but that was only recently,and we saw no signs of vandalism.What did make me see red was that,once again,pagans were blamed.Why is it that people just lump everyone together, in the same bracket?

  9. Thanks Clarmonde,
    You have mentioned quite a few interesting points here. All I was told about Monks Kirby graveyard was that it was reputedly haunted, but nothing more than that. Still trying! Your account sounds interesting though as it helps to fill things out in more detail.
    I am interested in the fact you felt you were ‘being watched’, for one thing; I image when you say ‘through binoculares’, you meant by very worldly entities!?
    By ‘look outs’ for Lord Denbigh perhaps? (does he actually own the property or lease it?) or maybe by other people?
    Sorry, a lot of questions together. But you really have got me interested!
    Speak tomorrow I hope,
    For now though,

  10. Hi David,thefirst i heard of Monks Kirby was when a friend took me and my mother to see it one afternoon.It was so unusual and beautiful.i was very taken with it-just like you were with Highgate cemetery,i suppose?Only on a smaller scale.There was this mausoleum chapel type thing,and all these little icons ,angels it was obviously Catholic.i knew id go back there as i felt really at home.Then i realised i was being watched by a bloke with binoculars .i was really naive to think of it as my own place,because the other night i typed inLord Denbigh, and all this stuff about the place being vandalised came up,in 2008.So,yes that would explain the bloke with the binoculars.i really loved the place.Please dont confuse it with that other place i mentioned on arcadia,the graveyard where i had my horrible experience,and saw the awful non-human entity!That was in a place called Astley graveyard and i didnt feel peaceful or at home there.i am convinced i witnessed this frightening entity,because one of my ancestors is buried there .i have been thinking,that if the pagan gods claimed that land for their own,people maybe shouldnt have been buried on it,what do you think?Yours, Clarmonde.

  11. HI David i am convinced some sort of energy DOES exist,and yes it probably is outside the 4 dimensional world that we know.And,yes i think material locations probably do influence it.There are forces ,not spirits and these forces go round in a circuit like a great big wheel,at a fair.It all lies within us,mostly,thats what i think.But am i right?i really want you to explain!i really really want to know? So the Kangaroo gave me a wave!well i dont mind that.It depends on what he said.i do get a bit fed up of hearing about devils,etc.i have sat with my Dion Fortune books for hours ,just trying to put what she says into diagrams and words,and i think,ooh ive got it,then someone comes in and interupts and im back to square one!i havent been through as much as you ,but what i have been through has taught me a lot.perhaps i can catch up!i hope so anyway!Yours,Clarmonde

    Yes locations can change with their atmospheres, Clarmonde – especially reputedly haunted ones. I have said this before, but I am sure a lot of this is due to the ‘energy lines’ for these often have opposite poles.
    I personally fin it very difficult for spirits to exist as disincarnat entities.
    that is as ‘spirits’ that have left the human body and retain the same charactistics as they did in life. I am not saying that some form of ethereal energy can not exist, only that it might be outside of the 4 dimensional world we are aware of. Maybe some of the effects can ‘trickle over’ into the dimension that we are aware of and we can pick these up and might term them as ‘ghosts’.
    But I think that both can be important: that is the material location and conditions and the possibility that we are not dealing with ‘spirits’ as such.
    It is a little difficult to explain.
    The ‘kangeroo’ sent me a post here and said to ‘give you a wave’!
    I have not released it as I do not want any of his continued nonsense on here. It is really quite amazing he assumed that I would. So sorry anyway Skippy (hey that’s even better than ‘kangeroo’ you know!), your comments are just not appreciated.
    Speak later I hope Clarmonde,

    Firstly, Skippy didn’t actually say anything about you personally – it was more personal comments concerning myself and Arcadia. All he did was put up a small firgure at the top giving you a wave and saying something like “Hi Clarmonde”!
    Probably just to remind me he knows you are posting on here – which in turn, proves he reads it.
    Anyway thanks. It really does make a change when people are receptive to each other. I have to say, it doesn’t happen that often, probably because of the very subject matter.
    All I can do is to answer things as I’ve come to understand them, and hope it helps yourself in your own understanding. I think you’ve already come a very long way here, and the answers are all there, and nothing to do with myself really. When I say that, I mean my personal thoughts and opinions are really wortheless, it is nothing to do with me personally. All I can do is try to convey to people (genuine one’s anyway) what I’ve come to understand and hope pointing it out can help others.
    I think much of it might have a lot to do with dismissing – at least, going beyond – the ‘material dimension’. The Truth behind existence certainly NOT lie in the ‘factual dimension’ many people take as reality.
    Relying on the five senses is all very well in the so-called material world (indeed they are essential in seeing or understanding that), but they can actually act as a barrier into understanding any Mystical one. There does exist a Mystical world, but sometimes it is not that easy to see it, or even glimpse it. I think you have; or at least, know it is there.
    Anyway, that must be the first and most important step. You don’t have much ‘catching up’ to do in that direction!
    Until later

  14. Hi David,Thanks for your last post.i wonder why people arnt more receptive to each other,like you said?We all live in the same world,dontwe?But sadly,no they are not.And i understand what you are saying.Clarmonde is very demanding,and asks a lot of deep questions,which she wants answered.But she cant help it.It is in my nature.Iam very inquisitive,as a person and i want someone to point out all the answers! Even though they dont have them,i wish they did!You not being able to just provide them on a plate just makes my mind work harder,and i dont want that!But then,its better than the other extreme-someone who has no answers,pretending to know it all( i.e.he who must not be mentioned,with the purple tea cosy on his head).i am happy to wave to Skippy.Hope his comments about you and arcadia were not too rude Yours,Clarmonde.

  15. Just to say, as I seem to be struck off Arcadia, there have been a few interviews this week both on Radio and newspapers, about the new Rob in Hood film-mainly about Russell Crowe’s hilarious Yorkshire accent–still at least he got the country right for a change!
    tata barbara

  16. Thanks David–I arent wasting my money going either to see Ruseel Crowe’s Wilfred PIckles impersonation. Honestly I was in hysterics when I heard the clip–We are men of the ‘ Ud majesty( majesty wasnt a medieval term for monarchs either, it was your grace) we want us liberty sither ere , dost ta see?
    Honestly they would have talked Norman French mixed up with Anglo Saxon anyway–not that you could use that on film! And at least he has said its Yorkshire so thats a start.
    I may have anotehr look at Arcadia but if everyone is banned there wont be much to say
    tata barbara

  17. Hi Barbara,
    I haven’t seen the new Robin Hood film. I suppose as your Patron, I should have done but I can never get to films (because of my foot mainly) and, as you know, I haven’t got a television.
    I really don’t know what the problem is on Arcadia, but it could be something technical your end. Do you remember at one time you couldn’t post on Cat’s Blog because of a similiar problem? I asked him for you but he said you were definitely not ‘banned’ but it might be something to do with the ‘log in’ on your computer. So I can’t really advise on that at this precise moment.
    Apart from that, hope everything’s well. For the moment.

  18. For Clarmonde,
    Thanks for that. All I was saying really was to question everything everybody says – especially in the somewhat nebulous regions of the paranormal or the occult – and you seem to be reaching your own conclusions about things.
    Some years ago now (well many) when I undertook my long training into Wicca, I was taught to go mainly by personal insight which, coming from ourselves, is of the real value, and you seem to be doing just that. Which is a good thing.
    As I said, there exist ‘energy forms’ which are not immediately apparent to the human senses, but these may ‘filter through’ to our current level of understanding of what these really are. Some people term these ‘ghosts’ or ‘spirits’. but I wonder if these really are – at least, in the common interpretation of these words..
    So to clarify that simply, ‘yes’ such ‘energy’ does exist; although it is often hidden to any interpretation of its existence.
    I suppose what I am trying to say is, people must first change their conceptions about the existence of ‘spiritual existence’ to be able to come ‘into tune with it’ – let alone being able to ‘see it’ – then inner senses can take over and give a clearer insight.
    The 5th dimensional world (if we must call it that) that can never be viewed or understood from the 4th dimensional one. So I would say the essential thing is how to trangress our 4th dimensional sense of things to really see what lies beyond it.
    I guess we are talking about ‘another level of existence’ here, Clarmonde. But it does exist I can assure you of that!
    Thanks again for that,
    Yours for the moment,

  19. Hi David What you said made a lot of sense.i do not fully understand the 5th dimension.However,i understand the 4th even less!Lots of things to do with this world really are a mystery.By comparison ,the 5th dimension is easier to come to terms with.Take cooking for example.the other night when i was posting to you,i burned a bloody big hole in my saucepan!Id accidentally left it on too long. its this world i need help understanding.That and housework!i sometimes think i came from the5th dimension.i have put a post on arcadia as everyone kept talking about TULPAS.So i have asked about them.i dont know if i will get any replies?Yours,Clarmonde

    I’m sorry I haven’t forgotten you – I really haven’t. Thank you for your last post and I will get back to you tomorrow. Just a little tired right now, hope you can understand. You are certainly right about the 4th dimension (I always call it the ‘material world’) which contains all its potential hazzards – including the element of ‘fire’!
    Will post for you tomprrow.

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