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Well not so long since my last Blog this time, so I am sticking to my New Year’s resolution to keep you all better informed of current events as and when they occur.  And something quite remarkable has winged its way into my inbox this week.

Would you believe it? Those cheeky Japanese businessmen have come up with a mad scheme to market toy action figures of myself! I suppose it had to happen. Interest in the Highgate ‘vampire’ story never seems to diminish and I always seem to end up at the centre of it.

According to the Japanese, the plastic figure would include a wooden cross, a stake for killing “vampires”, a B.P.O.S. membership card and badge, and a tiny silver pistol and voodoo doll. Apparently the idea is that when children want to play ‘Highgate’ they can have DF arrested for having a gun in his possession! Thank heaven it’s only a prototype. I could hardly stand it if these things started showing up in the ‘Seasonal Products’ aisle at Sainsbury’s Muswell Hill this coming Hallowe’en.

I have been assured by my Japanese associates (they might well become ‘dissociates’ at this rate!) that they are sending me one of the dolls so that I can check it out for myself, although I have a sneaking suspicion that these are already available in Japan and they are trying to break me in gently by surprising me after the fact with the dolls’ success. Apparently there are other ‘characters’ in production … but I can’t say any more about that yet so you will all have to wait and see!

What a strange world it can be sometimes …

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  1. It has been pointed out by a friend that the BPOS badge could also double up as a portable ready made occultic triangle for containing negative psychic entities summoned up on nocturnal visits to cemeteries. This David Farrant action figure has it all, and comes prepared for all eventualities!

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