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Christmas Report

I really have been very lazy – but don’t blame me, blame the cold!

We really have had a week’s bad weather down in London – to the extent of being ‘frozen in’ and made it  difficult to write anything.

That’s my excuse anyway, so you’ll just have to accept it! But things have been happening, believe it or not!

My old friend and paranormal investigator, Andy Wright, came down to visit  a couple of weeks back with his friend Louise.  They were staying at a nearby hotel and had planned to visit some locations in London, which they did.

But they came to see me first,  and I learned they were planning a visit to Highgate Cemetery.  Well’ they made it – just about!  After a good meal in the Flask  in Highgate Village, they both ventured  into Swains Lane outside Highgate Cemetery, only to encounter a sudden blizzard!  Snow started falling in ‘bucketfuls’ as they ventured down the steep lane – an almost ‘portent of doom’, some might say, to prevent them getting too close to Highgate Cemetery.

Anyway, they came back to my flat afterwards, and we all just laughed about it!  Although I guess it wasn’t all that funny for them!  But they got a couple of good photographs of the unexpected ‘snow blizzard’ so I hope to post these up next time.

I first met Andy in 2005 when he visited me in London, so here is a pic in the meantime.  He was on the ‘trail of the “Highgate Vampire”’ even then, and I still have to publish his report about that.

But in the meantime, lets just look forward to his findings on the case.  Which I shall be publishing shortly.  Well, this is just a sort of ‘Christmas report’, as it was a sort of ‘Christmas visit’, after all!

David Farrant


4 Responses

  1. Hi David–
    Happy Christmas!
    Its freezing here also and I havent put the heating on, prefer to wrap up warm, its cheaper and just as effective!
    Did I tell you I met a local councillor who had been led up the garden path by Red monkey–he had been filmed when we were but later got a letter saying the film was off but no explanation. I told him it was because Red monekt stupidly went to ask lady a’s permission to use the footage after she had refused them in the first place and then they trespassed–hepworth always said he woulds top the film. Now I have absolute evidence that they have lied to me and others for the past 4 years, saying they were going to release the film when they had done this or that–excuses— not that they had got some kind of dickipoggy scarborough warning of milady and her flunky.
    I e mailed Andy to tell him about Councillor—– but needless to say he hasnt replied–will follow up in the new year
    HHave a great day
    tata barbara

  2. Hi David. Is that an axe on the wall above Andy’s head? What is it used for? Also, because of the low camera angle, it looks like you have fangs. Or are those real fangs?

  3. No, you pesky creature. I do not have fangs, so its either a trick of the light – or your eyesight!
    The ‘axe’? Purely there for decorative purposes. After all, I am supposed to be a ‘witch king’ (if you believe the Press), so got to live up to my image!
    Tell me Cat, rumour hath it that demonhead and that fake ‘dead’ imposter Cranberry sauce have ‘run off’ after I offered to meet ‘them’ in the pub. True or just too good to be true!?
    David (Farrant)

  4. Yes it is true. Your two “biggest fans” have quit my blog in disgust after one of them, his truncheon at the ready, allegedly lay in wait for you at The Woodman. “Ye Gads, That Devil Farrant Hath Slipt Us Again” they wept to the barmaid.

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