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Slow Christmas

Its been a slow Christmas.  But at last it seems to be over, thank God!

A ‘dragging’ 4 days, but do know what I had for Xmas dinner? – no less than egg and chips, no less!  I’m not joking!  Gareth came over Xmas Eve and brought his usual quota of chips, leaving me half of them, as he usually does.  That was on Wednesday.  But I looked in the fridge on Friday (Christmas Day) and realized there was no food in it!  Well, just two eggs!
I wasn’t really that hungry,  but I decided to look for food. All I had was these eggs and Gareth’s left-over chips from the Wednesday.  So I heated the chips up, added an egg; and do you know, it was a really nice snack.

It was about 8 pm in the evening, and I couldn’t help thinking about all those people who’d just  been ‘stuffing themselves’ with chicken and turkey earlier.  But I really wasn’t that hungry!
Apart from that, we had been literally ‘snowed in’ here for a week before in London, so I had been unable to make proper provisions.

It was so cold, and all the pavements were frozen.  I tried it one day – on the Monday, I think – but coming back was positively dangerous – for me anyway.  It wasn’t so bad in the Centre because the heat of the shops and people continuously walking, had made it virtually ‘ice free’.  But coming home, it was treacherous, and I had to cling to a wall to stop slipping..

There seemed to be a an ‘ice-free’ stretch ahead, but there was a lady coming towards me. So I beckoned her forward and said . . .”Come on love, after you”.  She walked forward and said . . . “Let me help you.  You’re only going up there, I know.  I’ve got ski shoes on, so I won’t slip.  Just take my arm”.

She walked me to the door and I told her she was really kind (which she was). As she left she went she said “Not at all David”; but do you know I still can’t really place her!

For the moment


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  1. Hi David–Happy Christmas,
    I have been struggling with the snow also, dont want to slip with my crumbly bones, I was lucky my wrist mended after the all with the dog!
    I will be doing more investigating into the Redmonkey situation–arent you annoyed that you paid to come to Yorkshire on the train, put yourself out at risk from trespassing or fall at RHG AND these people just wasted your time and money. I am well annoyed, even though I didnt have to make a special train journey, and also that they have lied to us telling us stupid stories about reconstructions with horses when they had already written to Councillier******# saying the film was cancelled, or more like destroyed, they gave him no explanation either but its clear it was because they stupidly went to discuss it and ask permission!!!!!!!!!!!! from armitage and epworth!
    well take care anyhow, the snow has gone here also but its still a bit slidy
    tata barbara

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