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Brighouse Gala Here I Come!

Who will be the lucky winner!??

It would appear that my scheduled appearance at the Brighouse Gala in June this year, was somewhat ‘scuppered’ because a couple of incensed ‘maidens’ living in the ‘Green Belt’ area surrounding  the Gala’s location, threw a ‘hissy fit’ because I had been invited to attend the Gala and crown this year’s beauty Queen at , or rather after,  the winning ceremony.

To prevent my appearance from taking place, both these women bombarded the Gala committee with unsolicited emails demanding an explanation why the original invitation (which had been mysteriously ‘leaked’ to the local press) was made, and saying that if they allowed the ‘evil David Farrant’ to turn up, they would make a point of being there and would pelt me with eggs, flour bombs and squashy tomatoes!  They went on to demand an ‘explanation’ from the Committee why the evil ‘David Farrant’ (myself in case you may not have gathered!) had been invited to attend.

Now, bear in mind my proposed invitation had nothing whatsoever to do with either of these aged females, it really makes you seriously wonder why they were both so concerned. In other words, these arrangements were nothing to do with them, so why all this apparent hostility?  Well, you know what they say about “Hell hath no fury” etc. and this certainly applies in the case of one of these misguided individuals who apparently has some influence over the other.  Although I guess ‘influence’ is equally applicable to them both!

Anyway, enough of that, so I’ll move on to some more interesting news . . .

The radio I gave to Mark Pilkington of Fortean Times broadcast in May 2002 is now complete for re-transmission.  I will give a link here once it has been released, so please watch this space.
The Russian TV interview I gave in July will also be transmitted soon . . . again, please watch this space, and I will provide details.

Della got home again little late tonight, but cooked a nice dinner.  She is taking some much needed sleep now, which is why I thought I’d give a quick update to the Blog.

So with that, I leave you everyone, but hope to be back again tomorrow.


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