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Better Get Writing!

I’ve been told off for neglecting my Blog!  You can all guess by who . . . yes, K.  The ‘love of my wretched life’ phoned me last night and said I’d better get writing . . . or else!

Well, don’t worry honey, I’m going to make an effort, even though I haven’t really got anything to say.  In fact, my mind is full of other things at the moment and they’ve all got to be dealt with in one way or another. But let’s see; I’ll try.  So here’s an extremely boring Blog for you all:

Got up this morning around 10.30 (after going to bed at 5 that’s not bad actually if you think about it),  Made some tea before I realised the milk had gone off because I’d forgotten to put it in the fridge.  So tea with no milk!  Cleaned my teeth, but thought I’d skip shaving as it was ‘passable’.  Turned on word processor as I wanted to finish off a chapter I hadn’t quite completed last night – rather this morning.  Finished it.  Read it through.  All fine.  (I sometimes can’t help thinking what a good writer I am!).

Realised I needed milk, so thought I go up the road a little earlier than usual.  Now about 1 o’clock. (never quite sure if that’s supposed to be spelt with capitols, but it can stay like that now).  Weather nice and warm so no trouble in the sandals.  Went in the bank to get some money.  Asked for it in £10’s and £5’s (never take £20’s since got short- changed once).  Crossing the road I heard “Hello David”.  Saw a girl with a small child.  Hadn’t seen her since 1979 when she’d been a guest at my wedding.  We talked, rather ‘nattered’.  You know, how people do sometimes when they’ve got nothing really to say.  Said she was now married and living on a farm in Sussex – up for the day.  But said she’d read my latest book, so that pleased me.  She’d ordered it from Amazon. Went in the Supermarket hoping to spot a pretty girl who worked there.  Not at her usual counter.  Asked where she was, told she was at lunch  (always tomorrow!).  But got the milk, also thought I’d better take another couple of bottles of wine as I was there.  Realised I’d got virtually got no food in the place, so bought a couple of sandwiches for later.  Can’t be bothered cooking at the moment; too busy writing.

Coming down the road some guy asked me a cigarette.  Gave him a couple has he looked genuine.  (That’s my fault really, if I stopped smoking in the street, people wouldn’t keep asking me).

Came home and checked the phone lines.  No more calls.

Made some fresh tea – this time with milk in it!

Sat down and began another chapter.  Still doing it after have eaten sandwiches about 7.

So anyway, I think this must take the prize for the boringest Blog I’ve ever written!  But I suppose its up to date at least!  Well, the night is young, so at least K, you can see that I have been busy. Give me a ring tonight if you read this in time K.  I’ll still be up anyway.

For the moment everyone,


4 Responses

  1. That wouldn’t surprise me in the least, Barbara, the way he was carrying on!
    Anyway, it can stay quiet as far as I am concerned. I’ve got far too much to do at the moment trying to promote the books; not to mention I have to get the 2nd Volume of my autobiography finished. Now that you would have read it since London a couple of weeks back, I hope you don’t object to my mention of you in the ‘Pact’ one? As you can see the book deals with a story of ‘love and ultimate betrayal’. You won’t find anything like this in the movies, this story is all true!
    For now

  2. Well as long as its “tickertiboo” (exact translation please, my Yorkshire is not very good!) for you, that’s all that matters, as I’m not particularly worried about anybody else! Well, its a bit late to make any changes now anyway, as its all now been published!
    For now,

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