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Barbara, Laura, Jade and Gareth

Well, here is a little Blog news for a change, as opposed to having nothing to read but two extracts from my book.  (Well, let’s face it, I don’t do that often, so you can hardly expect an apology!).

Saw Barbara earlier in the week.  Or should I say: saw Barbara, her daughter Laura, her grand-daughter Jade and Gareth (for good measure!).  I met them all Tuesday just gone, and that made a refreshing break.  In more ways than one actually, as we also had some wine.

We just caught up with a few things; but then, being the Patron of  TheYorkshire Robin Hood Society, I do expect to be brought up to date sometimes!  All good stuff – even including all the scandal! (which I won’t mention here!).

Well. I can tell you some, I suppose.  Laura brought up the question of my last book,  “In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” which Barbara had given her to read.  I asked her what she thought of it and she said ‘parts of it were indecent’ – although she said she hadn’t read it all yet!  Now I don’t know whether to take that as a compliment, because when I asked her ‘which ‘parts’, she wouldn’t say!  So I guessed either she meant me kissing a certain young French student in a hay loft back in 1966, or I might have missed something!  Obviously, she didn’t!

But apart from that, we just talked.  It had been a long day for them, after all.  Yorkshire isn’t exactly a close place to get to – or from. I also gave Barbara a copy of my new book “Pact with the Devil” – now in printed form.  She is mentioned in it concerning events back from 2007, so I thought she had a right to see it.

Anyway, they stayed in a nice hotel in North London, so hope they all had a good time.

What else?  I have still been working on the 2nd Volume of my autobiography, which is still on schedule for this year.  The title is a secret at the moment, as is the content – apart from the two short extracts I’ve released here.  It covers the years from 1974 until the early 1990’s – I can tell you that at least.

So, its about 10.50.  Well, at least another hour before Sunday!  Sorry its late anyway,

For the moment,


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  1. Hi david,
    It’s been a while. Been really busy, but notice Pact With The Devil ready. Could I ask you to send me a copy asap and I will get a cheque off to you on reciept. Looking forward to reading it.
    Rob Milne

  2. AYE, MAN,
    same address. It’s those lassies who won’t leave me alone [ I wish :-}] Look forward to reading this one, but please invoice me. Put the cash towards a new kilt or something. I’ll give you a quick call when I get it.
    Again, cheers’,
    the haggis-scoffing lothario

  3. HI Mr. Milne
    No need to send any money, I’ll get a copy up to you. (Still at the same mansion address, I presume?)
    Don’t know if you’ve been following Arcadia, but on the “Highgate Vampire” Thread, Barbara started another one called “New Conspicacy book and Robin Hood (or something like that). She’s just had a long chapter on the Robin Hood ‘Conspiracy Theory’ published in it by a large American Publisher. Somebody called “Archangel Michael” published up the details on it with an extract. Think its on Page 10. Have a look as I don’t have the details to hand at the moment.
    Hope you’re behaving yourself up there Milne, and leaving all those Stotts Lasses alone!
    For now,

  4. Hello again Mr Milne
    Yes, this will be the ‘book of books’ – at least, in setting straight some of the stuff which was invented; indeed, which is still being invented!
    But wait, and thou shalt see, O great Milano!
    PS I wouldn’t be seen dead in a bloody kilt!!!

  5. Hi David–I enjoyed my short visit and already e mailed you with somebits and pieces of news, including the sad news re the loss of my cat who was taken ill on Friday when I returned and passed away on Wednesday–very upsetting and unexpected. As for your review by my daughter,well I get the same –not “indecent” but other comments, so not to worry.
    Must go, will speak later

  6. I’m not worried in the least Barbara. I’ve had far worse things said against me; many have been forthcoming due to ‘female spite’, but I think you know all about those!
    Don’t get me wrong; I am definitely not saying that Laura was being spiteful when she criticised my last book – in fact, I know she wasn’t.
    As I said, just tell her though that when I finish the 2nd Volume this year, I shall be giving her a dedication in the book. Something like . . .
    “For Laura, and her great appreciation of Volume 1 of this best-selling title” – or something like that!
    Just trying to thank her really for her appreciation of my writing ability!
    On a serious note, I am sorry to learn about your cat. I saw them all when I was there in 2005 and know they had a good home and were well looked after. I think they knew it as well.
    So speak soon

  7. My dear Roberto,
    I can assure you the book will arrive very, very soon. I didn’t realise there would be such a demand for it. it seems many people want the record set straight so perhaps that is why.
    I wish to talk to you about another matter so I will email you this evening. So expect that.
    ’til a little later

  8. My Dear David,
    My e-mail account has gone west. I am in the process of setting up a new one, so perhaps you would like to give me a quick call after 10pm over the next few days to discuss the other matter. Look forward to hearing from you.

  9. You mean your email account has gone ‘roamin in the gloamin’ don’t you!?
    No problem though, I will phone you later.

  10. Yes, nice to have talked to you earlier Rob.
    I have double checked, the book was definitely posted. Not sent RD but should have arrived by now. Maybe it went as a small packet because it is quite thick (if so my mistake dear Count) but you should get it soon now.
    For now esteemd Count!

  11. David,
    book arrived at last. Bloody post! It was so slow that I thought that you had finally shuffled of this mortal coil. Got to work today, but have given the book a quick once-over. God help us ! It looks sensational. Certain parties won’t be too pleased but I laughed so much I nearly choked on my muesli. Not to mention almost wetting my bloomers. This is HOT stuff indeed. Can’t wait to get stuck in tonight.

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