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As A Roaring Lion

Well, it’s been one of those days when nothing much has happened.

Before I forget, I’m not neglecting you Craig, I said I would answer your essential question on the matter of life and death here (as a main post) and I will.  But I’ll have more time over the weekend so I will do it then. You know this is not something you can just talk about lightly. Some points need clarification; an important one being the question of life before death, because the two really go together. Anyway, I’ll leave that for now.

I sorted out some photographs and official papers for my new book this afternoon. It’s funny what you find which you’ve forgotten about. This book, as I think I may have mentioned elsewhere, is about various religious cults and sects and the potential dangers facing some (especially the young) who have become ensnared by them. Luckily I have accumulated much back up material over the years; I even have an official statement which shows how such ‘dabbling’ into the Unknown can sometimes unbalance the mind. Anyway, that’s an official court document so I shall be publishing that as well.

It’s ironical really, that as far back as 1972, I was writing articles warning people of the dangers of flirting with Satanism.

Part of this article read:

“…for Satanism too, has its priests and adherents, but unlike Christianity, they proclaim their belief in a more deceitful way. Perhaps the bible sums this up best when it says ‘Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour’ (1 Peter 5 Verse 8.)”
~Islington Gazette 29th September 1972

I might have written those words some 35 years ago now, but, I think in essence they are just as applicable today. There still exists much evil in the world today, and some gullible people can still fall under its influence; indeed they do.

Had a break from writing today (except this) mainly concentrated on just sorting things out. Still more to do tomorrow. I need a beer!

For Janice
Once again I have had to delete your comments. I really don’t have time to waste on such matters as I am not here to entertain them in their present form.


4 responses

  1. David hi,
    Your cautionary words about the ‘deceitful’ adherents of Satanism which you wrote in 1972 are, I agree, just as relevent today. I guess back then there was a groundswell of morbid interest in ‘Black magic’ and ‘Devil Worship’ in the wake of the 60s and the pseudo-mystical fashions of the ‘flower power’ era – although we can see that right from the early 60s such as the incident at Clophill the votaries of Devil-Worship were desecrating churches and sanctified ground with the performance of the ‘Black Mass’ and other unhallowed rites.
    Today the ‘Goth’ scene also flirts with symbols and images of darkness and the diabolical – I think these are really little more than fashion accessories, more typical of immature adolescent rebellion than serious gestures of allegiance to spiritual evil.
    But what I’m trying to get at here is the question of whether you think there are genuinely serious adherents of ‘Black Magic and Diabolism still at work behind the scenes in Britain today. Is Satanism and Devil-worship still going on in the shadows and has it increased since you wrote those words of warning in 1972?
    All the Best,

  2. Hi Hesselius,
    You are right, Hesselius, of course; there was a ‘trend revival’ of ‘witchcraft’ on from the mid 60’s, but much of this was pseudo and commercialised stuff. It all made good copy for newspapers and magazines (and TV) but it wasn’t really serious.
    However, I realise you are asking here about genuine Satanism, which is a completely different matter.
    For the record, let me say again here that I am not a Satanist, and I never have been. In fact, I do not even accept the existence of the devil; that is, as an independent ‘intelligent’ outside entity. (As a matter of fact, I might come back to this point again as a main post, as it seems to have caused some confusion around here – and elsewhere).
    As to ‘genuine Satanists’ these quite literally exist, but in the main they keep a very low profile, or at least they are people you would least expect. These are people who quite literally believe that they can obtain material rewards and prosperity by worshipping this ‘power of evil’ or ‘attuning’ themselves to it.
    Ironically, such a power does not even exist but much evil DOES exist within the human mind, which can be ‘focused’ if people wish to do so. So in that respect, Satanists do exist – but in this respect only.
    Please ask anything else if you would like further clarity on this point.
    But for the moment,

  3. For silly Cat!
    Where is your favourite pub? Do the ladies buy you drinks?
    Generally I am too busy to go into pubs nowadays. Being a perfect gentleman, I rarely allow ladies to buy me drinks!

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