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Another Three Talks

Gave yet another Talk last night at the Devereux pub near the Temple. Gareth J. Medway, author of The Lure of the Sinister, interviewed myself before a crowded room upstairs in the old pub.

My son Jamie and his girlfriend Jo drove Della and myself down there accompanied by another friend of Della’s and we all just fitted into the car nicely. The talk had already been advertised on the Secret Chiefs’ website which probably helped to explain the influx of interested people. I did in fact invite my friend Kev and his wife Bev to attend (see Blog below) but unfortunately, they are returning to Spain soon although Kev has indicated that he would like to come to the next one.

The Talk was basically scheduled to coincide with the release of my new book “David Farrant : Out of the Shadows”, and I had previously told Gareth just to ask his own questions (he wrote the foreword for the book) about any aspects he considered would be interesting to a largely already enlightened audience.

Some of the attendees were people who I had previously corresponded with on various internet forums (including The Supernatural World), and it made a pleasant change to meet people in person who had expressed an interest in my investigations; instead of only speaking to them ‘electronically’.

The whole interview was filmed as were numerous questions from the audience at the end. I also got a chance to catch up on the progress of the forthcoming biopic about my life for which I am presently under contract, as its directors made a special trip to attend the Talk. I have since told them that I could probably allow clips from the filming to be included in their film to bring it completely up to date, if they so desired. I have to say that, in general, I was greatly impressed by the courtesy and attentiveness shown by the people there. After all, I am surely not THAT important, and even felt slightly embarrassed when Gareth insisted on reminding people that the newspapers thought that I was. In fact, I have been asked a similar question to this before (by interviewers other than Gareth) and my answer has always been that I do not lay claim to grandiose titles or suchlike; indeed, that in reality I am merely a ‘humble’ psychic investigator.

Anyway, the Talk was very successful, and I still have another three more Talks lined up for the book to do within the next couple of months.

Jamie gave us a lift back, and he and his girlfriend stayed the night as they had a fairly long trip home by car the next day.

Anyway, I leave you a little tired after all this mental exhaustion of the last few days; that said, it was all really highly enjoyable!



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  1. A good night all round I think. It was nice to meet some more of your friends.
    We made it back ok and luckily I’m off tonight so it might have to be a bottle of wine and a sort through some of the new info one of them gave me for the blog.
    I’ll give you a buzz about the other trip as soon as I’ve got some dates sorted.
    Hi to Della,
    Speak soon

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