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And You’re Still Not Getting My Autograph!

My friend Ian, and myself, getting ready for our French 'tour' - makes a change from the cricket pitch, anyway!

Thought I’d share a pic a friend on the Tour de France Committee jokingly sent me. He and I recently sat through a long and drawn out council meeting together, the details of which are supposedly still under wraps.

However I don’t think it would be too naughty of me to hint that it has something to do with the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire, and lending my reputation as a consultant and friend to Calderdale business interests to the mix in hopes of adding a bit of “glamour” to entice some big names in the sporting world to invest in the region and its people.

Speaking of councils, well this was the scene (or very close to it) a few weeks ago when I was compelled by the Consortium to make a presentation to the Council members regarding the commercialisation proposal for the Kirklees estate. Much of my talk was given to boring details such as sanitation specifications, environmental surveys, rainwater runoff mapping, road expansion phases, tax plots, and last but not least the stimulus of much-needed jobs and revenue to the poor people of Calderdale. I think I did manage to get across the importance of preserving the estates historic significance to the public, and developing the attraction in such a way as to honour to the trust that the late Lady Armytage so kindly put in me.

On another note, it saddens me to hear a former friend has gone further ’round the bend’, being gripped by a form of what I can only call madness that has driven her to come up with some rather odd conspiracy theories regarding myself and my expanding role in Calderdale’s affairs. Lately she has even taken to pestering officials with emails and phone calls. It stands to reason that all council members, their staffs and liaisons have been instructed to “humour” this person and respond to their enquiries by saying ‘David Farrant is not involved’, which we all agree is the kindest thing to do in such a situation.

But enough of the ‘local mad woman’. Not long till our bedtime now. Mine and Della’s, I should clarify, not mine and the local mad woman’s! She can but dream – but the answer remains ‘no’ – and you’re still not getting my autograph, especially in the place you suggested, or any place at all!.  But I digress; before Della and I turn in, here is a link to the Nocturnal Frequency Radio interview which I gave on Sunday. [No longer hosted, sadly – Ed.] It is well worth a listen, and you can download it from the link.

So goodnight everybody,


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