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An Evasive Ghost

Well everyone, the beginning of a new month, and a beautiful day in London. I must be getting better, because its only four days since my last Blog. If you remember, I wrote about our trip to Pendle Hill and haunted Westwood Mill in the nearby vicinity.

I thought just as a small change, I’d put up another ghost investigation, as I know many of you are interested in these. It is not a ‘new’ one, but dates back to the mid 1990s, when I was contacted by a lady from the Beaumont Tea Room in Rochdale. After a fairly long exchange of correspondence I managed to elicit some very interesting facts about some ghostly figure that haunted the  premises by night. I in fact first published this case in Jennie Grey’s Udolpho Magazine in the Summer of 1997. The same magazine also included a leading article on myself, written by Kev Demant which I shall be publishing shortly on my new look Website.  So please watch out for that.

Anyway, I later included the Beaumont article as a short chapter in my book Dark Journey in 1999.

Not really any more news for the time being, except Br Drew from Yorkshire is making a special pilgrimage to Londinium tonight, where he will be rewarded for his devotion with his favourite meal “bangers and mash”, and a comfortable stay overnight in the guest suite with toast and a cup of tea for breakfast.  (You know, I must say, I really don’t understand the eating habits of some people from rural Yorkshire. Last time he was here, we had lobster pie while he opted for mutton stew and yorkshire dumplings. It also baffles me why we get some outraged complaints whenever I mention lobsters.

Ironically one of the main perpetrators of these outpourings of disgust is a ‘lady’ who’s favourite meal is fish and chips. She seems to show no regard for the tonnes of poor fish which grace her plate each year, or how the poor things are suffocated to death after being wrenched from the sea before being wrapped unceremoniously in yesterday’s news.  At least lobsters are killed humanely nowadays by being deep frozen before being put in the pot. Just more hypocrisy I suppose!)

But I must not get diverted with such trivialities!  So then,  back to the article.  Enjoy!

For the moment everyone,



5 Responses

  1. Thanks Rose
    Whilst I appreciate the other beautiful garments portrayed in your link, the lobster one somewhat baffled me!
    What good is a lobster, if you can’t eat them!??!?

  2. But darling, you are forgetting the romantic circumstances in which Rose received her lobster!
    Well, romantic or sinister, however you look at it!
    I think it would have frightened the life out of me, but my nerves aren’t what they used to be!
    ‘Woman gets lobster bashed on Muswell Hill Broadway on Valentines Day’.

  3. Your lobster- you eat it once and it’s gone .
    Mine – it stays around for endless cuddles. 🙂

  4. Just read Della’s blog and tried to comment couldn’t make it work. I will paste what I tred to write there here if you don’t mind.
    I am so sorry to hear what you are going through.
    “bad dream …having one’s heart carved out with a spoon”
    Been there, felt exactly that, still do occassionally even after 13 years, except my son died.He was in a in a bad accident ( hanging for sexual gratification a la Micheal Hutchingson).
    He was a part of my body too as I grew him in the womb and gave birth to him.I had no warning i would lose him.
    I know how you feel. Now I feel that maybe lobster jokes with David are in bad taste at the moment. Sorry
    Don’t try to deal with all this on your own. Get help. Talk to social workers at the hospital. They will not release him from hospital without a care package set up for him. You won’t have to deal with it all yourself.
    Sending love,hope,prayers for you and David.
    Don’t feel you have to publish this .

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