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A ‘Kissing Booth’ – What Next !?

Pretty tired last night, though we were up half the night working on the first part of Redmond McWilliams’ interview with myself on the Highgate Vampire.

We’ve titled  it  “In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” which is also the title of my the first volume of my autobiography which touches at some length on the subject.  I kept the title as this was really a ‘filmed version’ of the parts in the autobiography that deal with the Highgate saga, and I thought some people would like to see me dealing with this in person rather than just having to rely on myself relating this on ‘cold factual pages’.

Anyway, we (myself and Della) were putting the finishing touches to the film all day, and finally published the first 50 minute part on YouTube at 3. 10 am in the morning.  Perhaps not surprisingly we were both fairly tired, but I went to sleep before Della and she braved another hour or so to send some notification emails and to write yesterday’s Blog.

Well apart from that. my weekend was considerably brightened when I received further communication from the organisers of the Brighouse Gala concerning a proposal for my duties next year.  Its only a proposal at this stage, but now they apparently want to install a ‘kissing booth’ wherein I – as one of the selected guests of honour’ – would be required to kiss a few selected local girls.

I am naturally in somewhat of a dilemma about this: on the one hand I am torn between my pastoral duties to honour the female species that live on the planet; on the other, an obligation to make sacrifices for the sake of a charitable cause which may well go some way in enriching the lives of the poorer people of the Brighouse area.  So in that respect, it does indeed fulfill a heavenly cause!
And if local ‘celebrity’ ‘Babs the Witch” is reading this: can I take this opportunity to thank you for all the dedicated promotion you have given to my appearance at the Gala next year.  I have in fact already written to the Gala Committee myself some two weeks back to condone the marvelous efforts you and your bible studying friend CF have been employing to make my name so popular in your area.  My thanks to you both.  I understand you have even written to your local MP for these promotion purposes and to rally more local support for myself  All marvelous stuff!  And thanks once for that.

I should say, Della, unlike most women, does not have a jealous streak and is very open minded, and has given me her permission to go ahead with the kissing booth idea should I decide to do so.  She knows that I take the sanctity of marriage vows very seriously and that this would in no way equate to a “Red Roger” situation, whereby some people in the area were encouraged to break their marriage in old Mediaeval England.  (It could be argued in fact, that they still do!).

Anyway, we’d better try to get an earlier night tonight, so will leave this now everyone.


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