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A ‘Dynamental’ Few Days

Hello there ex patriots!

My friend Kev (of Raggety fame as many of you will remember from his  Blog) is back in the UK next week for 3-4 weeks to do some more triathlon coaching.

He’s staying with his boss in Boscombe who owns the business, and the cycle and running training takes them some 2 miles or so along the coast road to Southbourne.  Maybe he will call on his old friend for some refreshment who lives there, before starting the long trek back? He is certainly looking forward to ‘catching up’ with his old ‘chums’ who have had so much to say about him in his absence.  Whatever, it’ll be cooler than Dubai where the temperature can average 35-40 degrees at the moment.  Then hopefully he will be visiting us in London before returning to Dubai.  We have a film to make to boost his nearly finished autobiography, and believe he has a lot of emails and letters he wants to read to camera.

In other news . . .

Since my last Blog the business line has been ringing off the hook. This was rather bad timing really, as I have been in St James’s all day with my friend Kenny who gave me a lift, getting the finishing touches made to a few new suits. This has left poor Della having to deal with the Press all day on her own – the poor girl is practically hoarse! So to cheer her up, as we were in  Jermyn Street anyway we popped into Paxton and Whitfield  and picked her up cheese and port hamper. So she is quite pacified, I am happy to report.
I needed a few more suits in time for an important series of meetings, which I am obligated to attend, in West Yorkshire over the next few days.  They are all important in different ways, and some more fun than others! The LDF paperwork, whilst of vital significance, is extremely dry and heavy going, whereas some of the other meetings do allow for a lot more socialising afterwards!  Sometimes I even get to loosen my tie a bit!

We are traveling up tomorrow, in order to be fresh for Monday’s meeting in Brighouse, and staying with Drew again at the spa complex.  We do enjoy our visits there, but are also looking forward to eventually having our own ‘bolt hole’ nearby – as things are getting quite busy up there. I must say that it will make a nice change to be in a cottage and not have so many stairs to traipse up and down! And we do like the fresh air up there.

But I digress. I wasn’t expecting so much local interest in the plans for the tourist complex at the grave so quickly, and did brief Della not to say to much on the phone as it is still all supposed to be somewhat hush hush until everything has been finalised. But the local press seem to be having a field day (I can only think they must have been tipped off; maybe by somebody who lives in the Green belt?), and I always think it best in these situations to give them the truth lest they make something up and distort matters. We have had to ‘play it down’ a lot to date, as I am obviously entrusted with a lot of confidential detail until the matter is finalised. But I am not entirely displeased with the inevitable media coverage to date; The Batley News, and Dewsbury and Mirfield Reporters have done a good job in summarising the current state of play.

Click on image to read full article

The proposed plans for the future of the grave have even found their way onto at least one paranormal blog. I was interested to read people’s views on the proposals and developments, which seem mixed but overall positive. Please see link below:

Well it has certainly been a ‘dynamental’ few days – and keep watching this space as it looks set to continue thus, the way things are escalating! OK, I know this is my own word, but I can’t think of a better one to describe forthcoming events!

Signing off now, as Della is having a night off from cooking and has persuaded our favourite Chinese restaurant in Muswell Hill to deliver to us for a change, and they are just about due now.

Should be able to keep the Blog up to date while we are up North, as Della is taking her new laptop with her.

Oh, and incase anyone has not seen it, here is a link to the film which Drew and myself made recently about Robin Hood’s Grave – if only we had known how things would progress when we made it! So it looks like another one may still be in the offering for the near future but – sadly – I can’t tell you any more about that at the moment!

So, for now,


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