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You’ll Just Have To Wait! . . .

Well, the Winter Solstice and the time of the original ‘Christmas’ in the Old Religion.

It was a time when ancient people celebrated the final end of the darkness into the birth of light of the new year: a celebration when holly and fir trees were revered as being symbolic of life everlasting (or ‘evergreen’).

Of course, it is known that the early Church ‘stole’ this date and attributed to the birth of Christ; although most scholars agree that Jesus was not actually born until the end of January.  Still, I suppose this matters little.  Really, Jesus’  message remains the same at whatever time He may have been born.  So the point itself is really just academic.

It really has been much warmer again today and I’ve been sorting through a load more stuff which I still have not unpacked from all the boxes yet.  If nothing else when its finished, I’ll have a much better idea of where everything is.

On another note, pleased to tell you that all my ‘fall’ bruises have gone now.  Completely.  You wouldn’t even know they’d been there!  It was a bit embarrassing a few days ago to keep getting all those attentive looks!

On the book (which is now finished):  Gareth’s Introduction reads fine.  I just let him write it, by the way – I didn’t tell him what to say.  As a matter of fact, I don’t really care what people may say about me; but its always obviously better to have opinions from objective people as opposed to those motivated by malice.  But here’s the surprise . . . Another person (actually a close friend of mine) asked me if they could write something as they felt they had something to say.  I said ‘fine’ but I only asked that they did not touch on Alison as I felt only I could really do that and anything else would really only have amounted to just more speculation.  They agreed, and so I now have two Introductions which adds yet more pages to the book. But you’ll just have to wait though to see who it is!

Well, Christmas is nearly upon us (or rather ‘commercialised Christmas for most) and it was brought home to me in the store earlier today.  Most people were buying Turkeys, Christmas puddings, nuts and so on.  Then when I went home there was some guy struggling with a giant Christmas tree which was so heavy, he had to keep stopping!  It was quite funny really: more to see people almost ‘hypnotized’ by the ‘Christmas spirit.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with people enjoying themselves.  I just think it a shame (which I have clearly stated before) that people – or many people – cannot feel the same goodwill towards others all year round.

And with that everyone, I will finish now.  The book may be completed but I have many other things to do.

For the moment’


3 responses

  1. Dear David
    Sorry to hear about your fall, I hope that you are OK now?
    It is a shame that Christmas has become so commercial, instead of it being a time of peace and goodwill, Christmas seems to be a time of stress and aggravation.
    Regards Matt

  2. Thanks Matt appreciated.
    I’m OK now thanks; just a couple of minor aches, but nothing I can’t cope with. Its strange, you know, but us ‘witches’ always seem to ‘land on our feet’, speaking metaphorically of course!
    I am not ‘anti-Christian’ in the sense of its real meaning. I was just referring to all the tinsel and money-making that has come to surround it.
    But if people want to enjoy themselves, that’s fine by me. Better than hating each other!
    Have a good time Matt,

  3. Happy Christmas David, I have been extremely busy with my book promotion this last few weeks, not to mention certain other matters!
    Funnily enough I took a tumble down the stairs also, or stair, the other night–it was the bottom stair so only hurt my feet, but I have no lights other than lamps now, as I dont want to rewire my house–so I suppose it serves me right! I am full of cold also and aches and pains from weight lifting and swimming–have decided to take up keep fit but feel the cure is worse than the problem–my crumbling bones! Hope your war wounds have healed David!
    Anyhow hoping you all have a very happy Christmas, Yuletide or Bacchanalia whatever you call it yourselves
    tata barbara

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