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Worth a Listen – New Quantum Mechanics Podcast

Hello all, Della here.
I don’t often update David’s beloved blog, but thought I would make a couple of posts today – one to follow a little later.

I’m sure that David would be very amused by a new podcast episode, produced by ‘The Quantum Mechanics’.  ‘The Highgate Vampire – A Tale of Two Hunters’ has just made me cry with laughter. In fact, it would have made David laugh so much that it only seems right to share it with you all here.  Trust me, it will be an hour well spent.

It would be impossible to please every invested party 100% whilst covering a case as complex as the Highgate one [No, not as in “Free the Highgate One” – David adopted “Farrant was Framed, OK?” ????]. One could pick apart minor inaccuracies but overall, the presenters give a pretty accurate summary, with a healthy dollop of humour. They take their editorial approach from the title, which should give you a clue as to the content.

On a more serious note I particularly liked the comparison between the 1804 Hammersmith Ghost murder case and the Highgate mass vampire hunt, the analyses of clips of interviews given by David and he who shall not be named, plus the conjectures about the evolving motivations of both ‘hunters’ and how these influenced both the feud and popular perceptions of the case.
The only critique I would make is that the ‘lovely end’ referenced at 49 minutes and 1hr 02 minutes in has been taken at face value – which is ironic considering how spot on our hosts’ observations about various attempts to manipulate the media are throughout the rest of the podcast. Do cheapskate Blogspot blogs count as the media? Not really, but hopefully you get my drift.

The dark side of the feud would not have been appropriate subject matter for a relatively light-hearted podcast, regardless.  And during these troubled times, we need all the positivity we can get.

David could laugh at himself, and was often perplexed at the way the Highgate case got people whipped up into such states of frenzy. This with the confidence of a man who knew what he saw – or at least that he, along with many others really did see something. So, I think he would appreciate the tone of a lot of this podcast. Well done guys!

I haven’t yet listened to ‘The Quantum Mechanics’ episode about Hat Men, but reckon that it will certainly be worth a listen.  You can follow and give The Quantum Mechanics (great name by the way!) a like on FB here.

For now,


4 Responses

  1. Cheers Declan, it is pretty tongue in cheek in places! Not about the ghost but about the supposed vampire and the very real feud. And the podcast is getting a lot of free publicity from a certain quarter which is great for them in a way lol. I’ve spoken with the guys and they pretty much went out as lambs among the wolves with this one. I like them. I’m going to give the hat men episode a listen now, you have reminded me about it.

  2. A fun listen.. Hope you well. Amazing to think we live minutes apart but can’t meet due to current restrictions. I heard a rumour that a certain Yorkshire pudding has been causing mischief. Alas, I can find out nothing more. We may have to discuss when the Mussy Hill greasy spoon finally reopens.

  3. Thanks for this post Della.Never heard of these Quantum Mechanics boys before.
    Unfortunately the dreaded tea-pot has also been dissecting their video on his YouTube page correcting them left,right and centre.Well,I suppose he has to have something to do to pass the time.

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