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Time For Some Relaxation . . .

Gosh!  Have I had a busy day.  I don‘t think I’ve been on the phone so much for as long as I can remember.

Mostly technical stuff, so I won’t bore you all with it here.  Yet essential though.

There were a load of letters as well.  I’m sure the sorting office does it deliberately, but no post for a few days, then it all comes at once!

As you will all be aware, it is my birthday tomorrow.  But I won’t dwell on that. How old am I?  I expect many people would like to know, but I’m not telling you!  Age means little to me, as most people know.  There has been  much speculation about this; and just as many contradictions!  So just take your pick!  Many people believe I’m much younger than I am (clean living you see!);  unless you choose to believe the rather unkind person on the Internet a couple of years ago that broadcasting to the world that I was 70!  So that would now make me 72, which of course I’m not.  This was not a genuine mistake, by the way, it was the result of ‘bitchiness’ instead – which rather suits that person’s neurotic character!

Anyway, birthday’s aside.  They have never really meant anything to me.

I decided to go out to get some things around 5.30.  I realized ‘office had more-or-less finished, so it seemed a good time to go.  Got back in about an hour, and decided to put a couple of shelves up in the kitchen.  Only managed one as I realized one wall was tougher than I thought.  Its an outside wall, and needs a proper drill – which I ain’t got!  Still, its better than nothing.

Probably all this activity has been helped by the warmer weather.  Still, better not be too over optimistic, there’s still February to go yet.

As I said, the first book is now totally finished, so that’s a load of work less.  Although I still have the others to finish.  Speaking of which, a friend asked me to write a personal introduction for his new book today.  I was quite honoured as he is quite a well known writer.  Nice to be appreciated sometimes!

So, amidst all this turmoil, think I’ll just go and put my feet up.  Still a load of vintage letters to be sorted through for the next publication, but that can wait till tomorrow.  Then I’ve still got to worry about that bloody shelf!

But for the moment,

I guess its time for some relaxation!



5 Responses

  1. Dear David
    I hope you have a nice day on your birthday, my ideal day is just taking it easy with a beer or two. It took me about 3 days to put up a small shelf, I managed to wreck a drill in the process. I really envy people who can do that sort of thing, and not make a complete pig’s ear of it.
    When will your latest book be available to buy?
    Regards Matt

  2. Thanks Matt,
    Putting up shelves is not a job I particularly relish. But I need some space at the moment for all this sorting, so it has to be done. A friend has a high-powered drill, so I’ll ask him to do the holes for the kitchen. Then next there’s the back room so I can get all the boxes properly unpacked. Think I’ll just have to pay for those. Be a lot easier!
    I will have copies of the new book ready for posting out the week after next. That’s really the easy part, as then batches have to be delivered to distributers, libraries, etc. The hard work is finished (that is the writing of it) but there’s still a lot to be done in terms of sales potential. But it will be done!
    Anyway I’ll post you off an advance copy very soon then email you when its on its way.
    I hope you enjoy it as its intended to set the record straight for people about facts that have been blown out of all purportion over the years or about events which simply never happened!
    Thanks for the birthday greetings. I must say I feel remarkably young for ’72’!
    For the moment,

  3. hello david mate
    a late happy birthday for ur blog even though i did manage to fone u up!
    i’ve been sick in bed for a few days after that party the other night.
    can u do some witchy magic stuff to make everything alright? lol.
    anyway i hope u had a wicked day.
    belsize banshee showed me a copy of the book.
    looks well good david and i look forward to working my way through it.
    i heard a rumour that you might be doing 3 volumes instead of 2.
    is that true?

  4. For Craig
    Hello again, trouble!
    I wish you’d just forget my birthday. You know how I feel about that! Just accept the fact that I’m now ’72’ (according to the Gospel of St. Judas, at least) and leave it at that!
    “3 Volumes”? Well, you know whose idea that was, don’t you?! Yes HERS – the girl of your dreams and the love of my life!
    She just doesn’t seem to realise that all this writing takes time, and there’s so much to get into it all. I sometimes wish that I’d just lived a normal life like most people and hadn’t got so many things to ‘cram’ in.
    The answer is, I really don’t know. If it starts getting too long, I may have to! We’ll see.
    But remember, I’ve still got the other one to finish first, that’s still only three quarters done. That book is essential for setting the public record straight, so it has to be a priority. But I shall get there!
    Anyway, give us another ring, and we’ll take it from there.
    See you later,

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