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The Brighouse Gala?

Its been a long and slow week. Long, because I’ve somehow lost track of real time :  slow, well, for exactly the same reason.

I have always said that time is a bit of an enigma, so I am literally ‘practising what I preach’ as I write this. That said, its not as if I haven’t been busy. I have just received the edited release for the filmed Talk I gave for Atlantis Bookshop on Jan 4th. Might have to divide that into at least 2 parts to accommodate its maximum duration of about 2 hours. So look out for that on YouTube soon.

Also I was flattered to receive an invitation to give yet another Talk in the north west of England this coming June. More of that later, but it is at a convention that appears to take the subjects of esotericism, the occult and ancient ‘witchcraft’ very seriously , and Della and myself are very much looking forward to making a weekend of it and seeing all the ‘sights’. She already has her designer wellies picked out, she’s so excited.

As well as all this I have been receiving a constant stream of visitors, many of whom are interested in my further Talks and publications. Why they seem to want to visit my humble home has always remained a bit of a mystery, but visit it they do, in abundance! And they are more than welcome. In fact I have a very special guest arriving tomorrow, who Della and myself are very much looking forward to meeting in person.

Many of you might have already seen the first part of an interview with myself by journalist Mike Hallowell. This appeared in The Shields Gazette yesterday and is to be continued next week. If not, the link is here: [redacted as defunct at 2021 ~ Ed.]

There has also been renewed activity on the filmed project involving Gareth J. Medway, Barbara Green and a couple of other assistants on the subject of Robin Hood’s (reputed) grave at Kirklees. I understand this film is now near completion, and will be released publicly later this year. Maybe even at the Brighouse Gala? – and I cannot think of a more glamorous and appropriate setting for its debut. Many of you may remember my mentioning this film project before, but to refresh any befuddled memories, here is a still from the production taken at the graveside (see below).

But apart from all this activity I have been looking after my darling Della lately who has caught a temporary bought of flu and who has needed constant attention especially at night. Hence I am rather fatigued, from the necessity of babysitting. But, as I said at the beginning, time is really of very little consequence to myself; and to prove the point, this has been written after 3 in the morning. But Della needs turning, yet again.

So I must bid you all adieu, for now.

I think we both need a medicinal whiskey to wake us both up properly.

For the time being at least!
For the moment everyone,



3 Responses

  1. Hola querido,
    I have secured the display boards for the June event, and can most likely keep them until the Gala also. Result!

  2. Lets hope it is better advertised than last year!

    But at least there is the Calderdale tourism board email address there incase.

  3. I still can’t get over that bit where she’s singing your praises. Its been making me smile all day at work. Makes you sound like a cross between Jesus and Gandhi with a dollop of Harry Price thrown in. Its like those ‘highlights’ DVDs that film producers send out to the people who vote on the Oscars with ‘For your consideration’ scrolling underneath the main film.

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