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Surprise Visit

Well, life is full of surprises!  Just as two or three buses suddenly all come together, things sometimes tend to happen all at once.

Some nutcase has just taken to ‘attacking’ myself on another large paranormal Blog – or rather some of my books.  Seems he just doesn’t like some of my views on religion – rather his ‘religion’. He has also used one of my copyright pictures there, so I’ve been forced to get into contact with the owner of that site.

I also had a ‘surprise visit’ from a lady who lives in Basildon.  An attractive lady with blond hair, which is probably why I asked her in!  But seriously, she was quite insistant, and as I knew all about the matter in question, I thought it should be discussed properly.  Basildon is quite a long way from where I live, but I later learned she attended a literally school in Archway, which is only a mile or so away.

I learned she  was married to somebody called Kev, and that they were concerned that I’d given their address for the receipt of literally material. This was in fact,  not the case as I explained to her.  The address in question had been given to my secretary, Patsy, that much was true; but Patsy had never used it to post anything, only sent the requested material to a ‘church address’ in Bournemouth instead.

Its quite a long story, but as I always make it a policy not to discuss private matters here (unless these concern myself, as after all, this Blog is supposed to act as a ‘personal diary’ and not a ‘scandal sheet!) I will say no more about the matter.  Suffice to say that I set the record straight.

What she thought of the state of the place though, was anybodies guess! Her visit had been unexpected and I had not had time to tidy up. Anyway, we parted on good terms, and I promised I would get in contact with her if there were any further developments.  I have to speak to Patsy for one thing as I believe she still has the emails giving her the address in question and these could back up what I told her (Bev).  Though I don’t think this will be necessary now.

Just started to rain here which is a nuisance as I was just about to go out.  Ah well, at least ‘trapped in the dry’! so I thought I’d do this Blog instead.

For the moment,


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  1. Well, Bev telephoned me last night. She had spoken to her husband Kev, and apparently he had asked if it would be possible to get hold of the emails that ‘church representative’ sent to Pasty giving her his address, and that Patsy could send these to the email address she (Bev) gave to me. I said I’m sure that would be okay and I’d tell her to forward them. I told her she definitely still had them as I’d told her to keep them, and I was sure Patsy would not mind her knowing her email address. Only problem is, Patsy’s mother has not been very well latey and she spends a lot of time out having to look after her.
    But I’ve left her a message asking her to phone me. I’m as anxious to get this sorted out as soon as possible as I don’t like being accused of being a ‘liar – as another person has now done on another Forum. This is in complete contrast to Bev who has been very nice about the whole thing.
    So the truth will out in the end, which is another thing I told Bev.
    No time for any Blog today; aside from which there’s not much more to say for the moment. But I’ll do one soon.

  2. Hi,David,Are you still on for the shepherds pie?I know i havent posted much,recently.But really,all the mud slinging got on my nerves.I wont stand by and be insulted by you know who-who has a spectacular way of getting the wrong end of the stick.So stupid really,but managed to put him straight.How is your book going?ok i hope.i still cant find Barbaras email address.Yours,Clarmonde.

  3. Yes I am Claremonde and on the day we said. I’ll make sure I don’t forget to give you Barbara’s email address next time.
    The book is on shedule page wise and somebody else is desiging me the cover. I know you’re read the first one and this is the 2nd Volume to it.
    I’ll try an tidy the kitchen up a little as its in a bit of a mess!
    Speak soon

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