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People do send some strange emails sometimes.

Generally, such correspondence just concerns queries about Society membership, or to give me some sort of information on ‘ghosts’ or paranormal activity (frequently personal experiences that have happened to the writers themselves); but now and again one will come through that asks for more personal information about myself; and this morning was no exception.  It came from a person I know (of) who lives in the far-flung area of South East Australia (of all places!), and was asking me how many articles I had written for Penthouse magazine. Not, ‘have you ever written’ for that magazine but how many times, as if this was some kind of foregone conclusion!  Naturally, I have not answered.  Reason?  The person didn’t tell me why he wanted to know, and if could not be ‘up front’ with me at the onset, well, he could hardly expect an unconditional answer!

For the record – but certainly not for his particular benefit – I have written for many magazines in the past, or given interviews if, or when, they came to visit me.  Depending on the type of magazine, would usually determine the subject matter.  That’s only common sense, but it does not mean I would give interviews on any alien subject matters.  For example, I am not in the least bit interested in politics or ‘gossip magazines’ (and the same applies to other periodicals, such as newspapers), and it stands to reason that knowing this beforehand, few of such publications have ever approached me (or have been given ‘short thrift’ on the telephone).

So why his sudden interest in Penthouse magazine, I had to ask myself?  Especially after he had gone on to describe the magazine’s format as a ‘wanking magazine’.  (His words, not my own!).  Obviously his personal interests went far beyond his query.  How come he knows so much about it otherwise!?  A subconscious reflection of his own guilt perhaps?

So I’m afraid that particular email had to go on the ‘crank file’.

For the more serious reader, the subject of my interviews and Talks is invariably the paranormal.  Well, I have never tried to deny that.  Nor would I if people would just ask me properly!

Spent a quiet few days with Della over the weekend, or rather evenings.  She’s been a little busy at work and the spare time she’s had during the day, has been occupied by her desire to buy a new house in North London.  Knightsbridge was a little uneconomical distance wise even though she was renting out her apartment.  But she’s had a good offer for that now which she is 99 percent aligned to accepting.  So with one thing and another, its all been a little hectic.

But not quite so much in the evenings.  Obviously because most ‘nine to five’ businesses are closed then, so relaxing comes a little easier.  Certainly makes a few glasses of wine seem more appreciated!

Surely, that’s what really matters!



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  1. David Farrant is a very honourable and chivalrous man. Everyone knows that any photos he may have taken or been in featured in involving naked ladies, or indeed any articles submitted or interviews given to magazines which specialise in glorifying the female form, were all in the spirit of education.

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