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Bless her!

Well here she is everyone, my 11 year-old grand-daughter. She’s really lovely, and further proof – if any was needed – that good looks just run in the family!

The pic was only taken two days ago, but naturally I had to get proper consent all round to post it here.

I will give more details in the not so distant future, but obviously want to wait until I meet her first. There’s not much more I can say at this point though.  I just wanted you to see the picture.

So for the moment,
David Farrant


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  1. crikey!
    first ur son and now ur grand daughter!
    the legend of Farrant…lives on!
    i think its cracking that you’ve got ur family around u mate.
    seriously, its about time!

  2. Well, never had any family for a long time Craig, and the closest friend I had in that direction, just betrayed me. (And I don’t mean you, you drunken lager lout!).
    So yes, thanks. It is nice to be re-united.
    Get over soon now your’re back, and we can have a beer!

  3. hey, its me, lauryn!
    i just wanted to say its really cool thay daddy has met u in all these years!
    and i myself is looking forward to meeting you!
    love you, Lauryn xxxx
    p.s: my friend saw the blog and shes super jealous!!!!!

  4. Thanks for your reply Lauryn, which I have just copied up for you.
    Yes we had a good two days and hope to meet you as well very soon. I know these things take a little arranging, but it shouldn’t be too long.
    I liked your picture, and was pleased when everyine said I could post it up. You look like you enjoyed that meal anyway!
    Thanks again for your reply, and will arrange to meet you soon,
    Yours for the moment,

  5. She’s lovely David! And just like you, in your youth that is! I have a great time with my grandaughter, we go swimming and dog walking, and we have lots of interesting discussions, like about adolf hitler and the nancies, elvis presley, michael jackson, rudolf nureyev and his twists, now king tut the latest! Still in the pipeline over London, have to fix dates yet
    tata barbara

  6. Thanks Barbara,
    But a little less of this “in your youth”, if you don’t mind! I am still very ‘youthful’ – have to be with the life I lead!
    Yes, just let me know about London, you know you’d be welcome.
    Incidentally, the new book is half finished now, and you will really love that when its out
    So, hope to see you soon,

  7. I have a bit of good news also—a new book is due out all about the Kirklees dickipoggy, its in a conspiracy book. I am still waiting for a reply from Andy off Red Monkey and why he led the local councillor, as well as us, up the garden path and why he got scared off by the Kirkleesites–also why he didnt tell us the truth and kept fobbing us all off after he ahd been daft enough to go visit milady and her flunkeys. I expect I shall have a very long wait!
    Looking forward to your book, I know what you mean over you looks, I still see myself as a beautiful young maiden, though like Queen Elizabeth the 1st I dont have any mirrors in my house, haha, maybe that is the same as vampires. What does your grandaughter think of her new grandad–I suppose you havent told her about the vampires and the Great Feau–which seems to have fizzled out, not before time–on the other hand kids today will think it just a great hoot!
    tata for now

  8. I’m not sure of the title yet David but have been promised some copies in two weeks! It is the conspiracy theory people though rather than the paranormals .My grandaughter says vampires aren’t real, not that I have even asked her, just stuff she has seen on tv of the computer games–I am sure if I told her the story she would laugh her head off-actually it would make a good tv childrens cartoon movie, I would love to see it animated—well, hadnt better say owt about my imaginings there or I might set things off again and its nice “all quiet on the western front.”
    tata barbara

  9. I really don’t know how much Lauryn knows about ‘vampires’, Barbara, as I have not met her yet. I would imagine she would think its quite funny, especially ‘vampires’ that change into ‘giant spiders’! Well, she is 11 and I would not imagine a 5-year-old would believe that!
    What is this mysterious book you keep talking about?
    My book is coming along very well. I might even grace you with another short extract soon But I’ll have to talk to K first as I’ve been told not to ‘give too much away’.
    For now,

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