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People Are Strange …

Jamie – hi, thanks, I’m afraid I have to agree with your observations that the person in question really does need some professional help.

My God!  If only these people could realise sometimes that they are not being persecuted by ‘MI5/6’ or any other international body (because they simply aren’t that noteworthy) they might have much quieter lives.  I should know, because I’ve been through all this;  they have not,  they are just speculating from a viewpoint of being ‘victims’ of the Government (in this case in the UK) and seem to have developed an acute sense of paranoia in the process.

It is perhaps ironic that this person  sees fit to go on about ‘police corruption’ when I myself have been a REAL victim of this, some years ago now, and when in reality, he knows little, or nothing, about it. Or if he does – he certainly seems to have little empathy with people who have been subjected to it to the degree that they have received a 4 years and 8 months prison sentence for crimes they did not commit, and in conjunction with this have effected changes in the prison system through a successful case against the Crown (that would be, by the way).  I suspect he has never been forcibly checked in for a ‘break’ in Wormwood Scrubs, having been fitted up on trumped up charges, but hey ho. His choice of ‘underdog’ and hate campaign victims respectively seems peculiarly misguided – and pathetic for someone who likes to bandy about their self-appointed moral crusader, socialist role.  I do not think for one moment, Jamie, that the hierachy of the British establishment are even interested in this person.  HE might be obsessed with them, but that is really an entirely different matter!

Speaking personally, I am really not interested in the asinine ravings of such people.  Quite frankly, I find their schizoid rants quite pathetic, and would not even have mentioned or noticed it had you not pointed it out.

There seem to be a couple of insignificant nobodies in the part of Yorkshire where he lives that he has apparently latched onto in a  ‘rent a cause’  fashion as is his wont and general M.O.  If such people are really stupid enough to join forces with such a mentally deranged person – who genuinely seems to believe his own paranoid rhetoric – then that is really his – and now their – problem, not mine.  It really isn’t! Because, unlike them, I really do have better things to do.  And I am just trying to get on with doing them!

Thanks Jamie for your observations,   but I really wouldn’t worry about that particular person, he clearly needs a bit of mental guidance!


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