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No Peace For the Wicked!

Pretty busy week coming up, so I really might not be able to post every single day. I will always try and make a point of answering any replies though, as they take up far less time.

Tomorrow, for example, I have to make two trips into town both of which each of which take up at least 2 hours travel time in different directions – and that’s not counting the time spent there. Got to be done, but you can imagine I might not feel like posting anything after that!
Wednesday, I’m being filmed by a group of students who wanted to film part of the location in Highgate after filming in my flat. I reluctantly agreed; mainly because they insisted they would have a car so there would be no ‘extra trouble’ involved. I don’t know, it still all takes up a lot of time. I remember the last time I agreed to a student film and the whole thing took up the best part of 6 hours!

Friday is yet more filming, but not by students by a satellite TV company. That’s not so difficult because I will be able to stay at home and just give a short interview. But even that all takes up time, setting up lights, messing around with equipment, and so on.

I shouldn’t moan, especially when it proves the interest is there. Its just that when these things happen, they all seem to come together! On top of all this, it will mean I’ll have to break my work pattern on the book, but all this stuff can only help in the long run I suppose. Whatever, I’ll be glad for the end of the week. Then I can go back to being lazy again!

Might write more about the filming here after. But worry about that once its over!


22 Responses

  1. Speaking of wicked, the goat tells me a certain lady and her robed friend had Blackwells “ban” your comic book.

  2. Ironically, Cat, when people don’t realise that when they do things like that, they are only increasing the publicity which in turn only increases the sales!
    In fact, the publication has proved so popular, that I’m bringing out a regular series of the comic next year Just can’t manage it before then as have to complete my other three books first.
    ‘Miaow’ to you too, Cat.
    For now,

  3. When will the listing be back up? I have cat friends with accounts at Blackwell who wish to order some paper for their litter boxes.

  4. hi David. just a quick question but are u gonna put any new videos up on your website? i’ve downloaded the ones you’ve got and my mate sorted me out with a few others.
    are the films ur working on gonna go online as well? any details u can reveal?

  5. For the ‘Cat’,
    Please forgive a quick reply.
    As I think I said, I have personally re-published the Comic book. I was not personally responsible for its Listings, although I understand these have appeared all over the Internet, both on Blackwell and Amazon.
    I did not submit the Listings to these wholesalers, but they were a result of the book being lodged with Nielsen’s as an available publication, which I was certainly aware of..
    Reviews and Listings are posted out automatically once lodged with them.
    I will look into the matter further, and report on this. I cannot understand why any Listings of the book should have been removed, but I suspect some ‘computer error’ is probably involved; either that, or people trying to ‘cash in’ on the success of the publication by getting their names involved.
    I will check it out in the next couple of days. Forgive me, I am just slightly busy with other matters at the moment.

  6. Thanks Craig,
    Another quick reply I’m afraid.
    Yes. I certainly do intend to put more video clips on my main Website.
    I am indeed rather proud of the fact that when my main Website was first put up in 2002, we had no less than ten video and film clips on it; and this was long before the introduction of “U Tube”. (That was just one reason that it proved so popular).
    Problem is, is it not really so simple and any clips have to be transposed from original video copy, rtely on the expertise involved, permission being sought, etc.
    But ‘yes’, I am intending to add a few more film extracts to the current list.
    Do you have any particular preference in mind? Do you mean extracts from films I have been involved in, or maybe interviews that I have given?
    Yes. I really must get working on that as well. Its just that I have really been so busy with other things at the moment.
    Thanks again Craig,

  7. Hi David,
    a friend told me about this blog. It’s beeen years, too long since I’ve seen you. You never did take me on that tour of Highgate. I’m living in Brighton now. Me and Jaz finally got divorced so I am a free agent again. If you fancy showing a lady a good time, let me know and I’ll give you a call. I still have your number somewhere. I still laugh when I remember that time with the stuffed turtle.
    Your’s for now
    Caron xxx

  8. Thanks Matt,
    Yes, there will be new clips (or rather ‘new’ old classic ones). It is not quite that easy as obviousy copyright permission has to be cleared, and video copy has then got to be checked for quality (improved if need be) and then transposed onto DVD for uploading. (Beyond me actually, but luckily I have people to help in that field),
    I won’t leave you totally in suspense by vagueness, so I’ll tell you a couple I have in mind.
    One is the BBC 24 Hours programme from October 1970 which focuses on the Highgate ‘vampire’ (not forgetting little ‘ol me, of course!). This has been sold and re-sold on to several different TV companies, last being used on the American Discovery two years ago in an hour programme “Fang verses Fiction”. I have permission for this orally but I need it in writing.
    The other (in the immediate future) is a University College film from 2002 called “Vampires on Your Doorstep”. I have written permission for this but the sound quality has to be improved – or rather, some of the ‘background noise’ in a couple of clips filmed at a ‘vampire gathering’ in a pub has to be removed, or reduced.
    So, its not quite that easy, but I am working on it!
    Speaking of filming, I have to do some more this afternoon, so will keep this brief.
    Maybe leave another post on the main page again today too.
    Thanks Matt,

  9. Hi Caron,
    Really quick line, sorry, but really good to hear from you again.
    The phone number is still the same as is the address. Please do get in touch, as its rather difficult to give personal information here.
    Glad you found me here anyway, and I look forward to hearing from you’
    For the moment,

  10. hi David. good news about adding new videos but the one i’m interested in is the French one you told me about at the talk.
    i have managed to get ahold of one french documentary about the Highgate vampire but it’s not the right one and ur not in it.

  11. I guess I’ll have to go back to your main site and check out the videos. I’m glad you are doing more! It sounds really exciting and of course busy busy busy! You’ve had a difficult time lately so I don’t know how much time you’ve had for the site.
    Well, I guess I’ll post my question that I began to ask you at JREF. Forgive me if my question/s seem a bit silly but I haven’t really been digging into the Paranormal along such lines for long so I’m a bit of a newb in a way.
    In your opinion, are there any compelling cases for ghosts/spirits who have actually communicated to the person/people who see them? I wonder because of something you said on JREF; that ghosts may not be intelligent beings. It seems you leave the possibility that they are, just as I do. If they are, have you read of or participated in any cases where that may be the case?
    I also wonder about the equipment you normally bring to an investigation. You know, the things that you would never go without. I do know that some investigators would never go without their thermal cameras, for example.
    Do you place much stock in EVP’s? Have you ever tried it and found it helpful or not?
    And, if this is not inappropriate to ask, do you and your team have to pull funds from your own pockets or do you get some help from universities or organizations? I just realized due to some discussions surrounding The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) that money is definately an issue. If this is too sensitive to ask just say so tactfully and I’ll shut up! I hope I’m not sounding like a hostile skeptic. Note that I’m not asking you for evidence! ; )
    I hope things are looking up for you.

  12. cheers for that David.
    the one i’ve got is called “Sur les traces du Vampire” and isn’t exactly what i thought it’d be.
    the french use secam, the americans use ntsc and we use pal but most video recorders are multisystem thesedays and besides that most stuff gets transfered to dvd

  13. I don’t know which thing or what you saw Craig (did it mention Highgate or ‘vampires’ in it by the way?) but if I was not in it, its definitely not the one I referred to.
    The one I referred to was on TFI (the French equivalent of the BBC) at peak time, and virtually “starred” myself, or rather it focused on my role as one of Britain’s ‘leading white witches’ (at least such is how I was described on the programme) and the leader of a large International Occult Society. The programme was called “Infovision” and was televised in mid December 1985.
    A couple of other leading French occultists were also shown in two other parts of the 1 hour long programme
    They wanted to film the Initiation of a young girl in my flat, and I strongly recommend you try and get a copy; especially as the girl was very, very, very, scantily dressed!
    Part of the deal I made with the TV was that they supply me with a VHS video (the French system is different from hours), so if you have any luck stress to them that you would like a VHS copy or you would have to pay to get it converted. But they would probably expect you to pay in any event if you were not connected with the programme.
    So the answer is, ‘no’ it cannot be the same as the one you’ve got. Hope this helps.

  14. Hello Minarvia and thank you for posting.
    They are all very fair points but I think just a little too long for a detailed response in the comments.
    So what I propose to do is to put up your points on the main blog an answer it fully there. Might have to leave it until though Saturday. Bit exhausted this evening and yet some more filming on Friday.
    I didn’t really intend to post anything because of this anyway; only the shorter replies! (I don’t mind really, your points are all relevant).
    Have much more time come the weekend.
    For now, anyway,

  15. no worries David.
    i’ll do a review in the email and stick it on a dvd if you want a copy.
    its not really that long. i was expecting it to be longer by the write up i read but there is one person in it who i might get in touch with to follow up some stuff.

  16. Well, seems you know much more about technical video stuff than I do! Haven’t got round to getting my one put onto DVD yet. When I do, do you want me to make you an extra copy? Can’t really put it up on my main Website until getting written permission (which itself isn’t easy knowing France).
    Is is mostly in French though (obviously), but I guess that it wouldn’t matter so much as its got some good ‘visual images’ in it!
    I have heard of the one you mentioned but really can’t remember when or where.
    Could you possibly send me an email giving a few more details. Better than here I think as I just don’t want to steer any comments back to ‘vampires’.
    Thanks Craig,

  17. just a quick question David but whats the oldest footage you’ve got of yourself from tv?
    have you got any old home videos your parents might have made?

  18. lol!!!
    no David what I meant was old cine film. the old cine cameras where u recorded pictures but it didnt have any sound.
    i just thought your dad might have taken some of that.
    do you have the 8mm footage of the screen test? usually a screen test is for tv or film isn’t it?
    did you act as well?
    i haven’t heard of “The Dark of the Moon” but i have heard dark side of the moon by pink floyd.

  19. I really don’t know how old you think I am Craig (rather how old I’m not!) but videos were not even invented while my parents were alive! Of course, I have many black and white photographs of my childhood (some colour, in fact) but no ‘home made’ movies.
    The earliest TV coverage I have of myself dates back to 1970 when I was in my early twenties; in fact, that was the BBC programme about the Highgate phenomenon which I believe I have already spoken about.
    I did do an 8mm screen test in 1964 (which I still have somewhere) but that coincided with my days at drama school, so I suppose that doesn’t really count. (As a matter of interest, the first play I was in was “The Dark of the Moon” – a play, believe it or not – about ‘witchcraft’. I kid thee not!).

  20. No. My father never took any cine film, and he never owned a cine camera. Pity, but then not many people did in the early 1950’s. (Those were the years many of the old still photographs relate to which I’ve still got).
    I do have cine footage of the ‘screen test’ -somewhere – dating from 1964. But it was nothing special. I played the guitar in “The Dark of the Moon” and I was just trying to go on to other things. I’d forgotten it, until you reminded me about ‘old footage’.
    Sorry to sound ‘boring’, but there really was nothing else.
    But thanks for the email, by the way. Interesting review.

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