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News From The USA

Jamie's new car

Everything is fairly quiet.  Have spoken to Della again and we’ve arranged a trip to a very special site soon.

It’ll be in the day obviously, and I know she has been anxious to get some good photographs there as it is linked to pertinent information she has already accumulated and wants to check out.  (And no! its not Highgate Cemetery).  We’ll probably a pub meal in the evening and, who knows, maybe stay over, as this would mean we be close on hand to go back there again next day  Then probably return to London late afternoon before it gets dark.  But we haven’t decided yet.  Whatever, will give more details afterwards.  Can’t really give any before as it hasn’t happened yet!

Saw Jamie Wed, he came up in his new 3 Series B & W.  He came about lunch time and took me out for a drive in it later around the M25.  Luckily pretty clear run but it was well before the rush hour.  Had some wine in the evening, and caught up on a few things.  He told me he’s laid out quite a lot of money lately, including quite a lot for decoration to his house.  He invited me for a visit,  but  although I said yes, I said I’d prefer to leave iy for a month or two until the Spring had set in properly.  He said that was no problem, because if we waited until April he could bring Lauyrn in the school holidays, and then take me back with them.

What else has happened?  Not a lot really!  Still writing as usual, but not nearly so busy now, now that the 2nd Vol. is finished.  16 months of hard work, with sleep patterns thrown into chaos – but its been worth it!

Had some more news from the USA on the film based on the comic book.  Obviously, they don’t need actors as such, as its all based on cartoon characters, but they have had to use actors to superimpose the voices and I was sent a couple of audio clips of some of the main characters (including myself obviously!).  You should hear the voice given to Hoggy and the ‘Bonky one’.  Hilarious is not the word for it!

So just a short Blog for today as I am a bit behind.  Besides, I wanted to show you a picture of Jamie’s new car!  For now everyone.


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