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Boys back to Brazil (Or Partida Para o Brasil)

© Della Farrant

Well their filming is finished!  After spending three long months in North London, which was intermingled with trips around the UK to as far afield as Scotland in search of ‘vampires’ and the macabre, film makers João Paulo Ferreira and Vinicius De Moraes Luz have completed their unique film on the Highgate Vampire, London’s Magnificent Seven cemeteries, and cases of ghosts and unexplained phenomenon. 

It is not my role to provide details about the content of their exclusive film, but I think I can say that they have been in contact with and / or interviewed many of the people living in the UK who have an intimate knowledge of the Highgate ‘vampire’ case, including Patsy Langley, Redmond McWilliams, Kevin Crace, Della Farrant, Gareth J. Medway – and of course myself (I am joking but yes, I was filmed as well!)

I found it interesting to meet serious people from other parts of the world  and to find out about their interests and beliefs in the supernatural; and equally intrigued to discover that the current interest in vampirism has almost achieved a ‘cult following’ in Brazil. My line of work brings me into contact with people from all over the world, including Holland, Switzerland, France, America and even Australia. But I don’t believe I have ever met anyone from Brazil before and it was an interesting cultural exchange. For one thing, Della and I spent 2 months in advance of their arrival practicing the correct pronunciation of João – not realising that João was happy to be called John!

João visited us for the last time (this time!) tonight, before he and Vinnie return to Brazil where they will being work on the editing stage, and the rest of their team will finally get to see their footage. When the documentary is completed it will be screened as part of an annual national film festival and is anticipated to receive an excellent response because the topic of Highgate Cemetery is so relatively unheard of in Brazil. I don’t know yet if they will take him up on his offer, but I understand that some of the soundtrack for the documentary may sample some of the OST from Kevin Crace’s forthcoming film, as well as commissioning independent local artists. 

Unfortunately Vinnie could not make it tonight because of a prior engagement with a …ressaca…? But hopefully João and Vinnie will be returning to the UK in the near future, and Della and I miss them already. Goodbye guys, or should that be até breve?

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