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Had a quick appointment this morning, then another local one at 2. Got in about 4 and am just about to keep this up to date.

Going back: I saw Gareth last night, and I let him proof read a load more manuscript. He’s happy with the way its going; he actually congratulated me on working so quickly! But I’ve always been like that really. If I start something (big ‘if’ there because I never do unless I really want to) I don’t stop until it is finished.
Gareth has been ‘confusing’ me lately in that he keeps changing his regular days. Well, he is working on a writing project for a TV company presently which explains it. I know all the basics, but won’t detail it here as it would be breaking confidence. Suffice to say, that they are very interested, and it looks as if he might even have to go out of the country for a short while soon to help plan filming locations.

I have now got half the ‘M’ series completed for the new book – and, of course, the chapter at the end which I already mentioned. Anybody remember the old vintage Cliff Richard rock song “Dynamite”? for that’s the best way to describe it! To cover myself from any potential public explosions, however, I will be forwarding an advance copy to the relevant authorities when it is finished, as some of my ‘competitors’ in the publishing business are bound to cause a fuss about it once it is released! But, as far as I am concerned, it sets the record straight so ‘releasing’ it beforehand in this respect, would seem a good idea. Give them a free read anyway. Might even enjoy it!

Speaking of ’authorities’, no more trouble with the Council lately since I phoned them up. They actually cleared all the back-log of rubbish they’d left the day after my call. What did I say? Nothing really. I just said that I’m not prepared to argue trivialities with you (she was going on about the bins being over-full), this is a health hazard so I’ll just take your name and you can argue it out with your Chief Executive. “There’s no need for all that”, she said, “I’m only doing my job about pointing out normal regulations”. Me. “Look love, Its been three weeks now. And now that I’ve informed you about it again, you won’t be doing your job unless its all cleared forthwith. And by that I mean within the next 24 hours”. This was about 3 in the afternoon. It was all gone the next morning! Don’t like complaining like that, but sometimes you really have to.

Not been too cold today so I decided to take a detour though the Woods. Walking really makes a change as it gives you a break. And clears the mind a little too. Back to the computer later until the early hours again as I must get this deadline fulfilled. Well, doing it is much better than thinking about it -or it would never get done! But in the meantime, it was just nice to look at the trees and put things behind me. There are really much more important things in life sometimes. Problem is, so many petty things thrown at you, or caused, by other people just have to be dealt with; more especially, when your name is being brought into the public domain by a few people hell-bent on capitalising upon it.

You know, I really wish some people would just get on with their own sad lives and get over almost morbid obsessions they seem to have with myself and my lifestyle. I suppose my only ‘crime’ is because I have not agreed with their own particular brand of ‘Christianity’, which anybody can see is about as anti God-loving Christianity as you can get! Other than that, I have done nothing to ask for their attention. A close friend suggested that I complain about it. What?! Why?! There is no need to! Everything I said is being confirmed out of their own mouths, there is no need to do anything else.

Only a handful of people are reading it, and God knows, they are laughing enough! Last night their ‘hit counter’ jumped up by 80 hits in just over an hour just after the post had been made. Must have taken them the best part of an hour to keep registering their own ‘hits’! And that is what they are doing all the time; a fact which can easily be checked by relevant authorities checking the log of the computer.

So, no. I rarely need to complain about people like that. You get an abundance of them shouting from soap-boxes in Hyde Park Corner every Sunday morning – a time when many of them should really be in Church!

“Thou shalt not bear false witness”, is a Commandment many of them would do well to remember. ‘Love and compassion’, whatever happened to these true Christian virtues? I sometimes wonder. I am not, nor ever have been, ‘anti Christian’. But if that’s supposed to be an example of ‘true Christianity’ – you can keep it!

No. I am not going to complain. There is really no need to!


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  1. I am sorry to say a West Yorks version of Edina & Patsy are at it again, making an “absolutely not fabulous” balls-up of my remarks. If they are going to quote “The Cat”, at least do it straight. Some women must be obsessed with male sex organs because that is all they want to talk about and write about. Honestly!

  2. I said I am not going to complain about it Cat and I’m not. There is no need to as the people concerned just continue to show themselves up in their true colours.
    However, I shall be sending current example of this to local Church authorities up there so they can see examples of a ‘Christian’ hate campaign.
    I shall also be adding this to the file the local authorities already have here.
    Talk about the old saying . . . “Hell hath no fury’. You could’t ask for a better example.
    My God!, talk about ‘loving God’ and ‘loving your neighbour!

  3. No. I’m still here you daft Cat!
    And I’ll be doing today’s Blog a little later after I finish doing something else.
    For the moment,

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