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Enough Is Enough!

So, what’s new? Still cannot see any cheesecloth shirts.

That silly Cat reminded me about them asking about (my) fashions a couple of days back. Not that I really expected to find any – even concealed in the Charity shops. But maybe all is not lost. Gareth goes into Camden Market quite a lot, so maybe he can find one there for me. Course, if anyone here has an old spare one, just let me know.

Quite a few emails, some of them quite interesting. It seems a lot of the right people are looking at my main website, and one of these is interested in interviewing me. Usual subject, ghosts, paranormal happenings, etc. Oh, the price of being famous – in that particular field, anyway. Can’t give anything away here as just as other people are following it as well. Not that I mind people knowing but there’s just one or two people out there who would make a point of breaching any confidence.

Finished a couple of important letters earlier and got these in the post with enclosures. Then had to deal with a couple of phone calls about something else (one of them to the people who have agreed to bind the new book) but apart from that its been fairly quiet.

On the subject of the new book, that is going fine. I’ve got a wealth of material now, and its really a question of selecting the most important stuff. I know I said the book is being bound (which it is) but I don’t want it to turn into a “War and Peace” epic! That would really be too long, so have to draw a line somewhere.

Saw my ‘girl with no name’ late this afternoon. I get a funny feeling when I’m in her presence (like nothing else really matters, I suppose), but I’m not going to go into that here. But we had some coffee (well, she had coffee, I had tea).

The Gov’nor put up a new photo on the Friends of DF today. Its of me speaking on UK Living. The Gov’nor didn’t say what I was talking about on the programme Can anybody guess? Yes, it was about the ‘Highgate Vampire’! Went down quite well actually. I was not the only guest (my friend Kevin Carlyon also graced us with his presence!) but the whole thing lasted for an hour.

Finally today, I’d like to ask people to stop asking me questions on here about things that are being posted on another minute blog. I know that a few of you are taking an interest in all the ‘scandal’ being purposefully created there; but it is just that . . . attempted ‘scandal’ using my name because the two people concerned have precious little to write about. They even create their own ‘hits’ by themselves to try and create an impression that many more people are viewing it in reality than they really are. For example yesterday in a very short space of time; 17 went up to 209 in only the space of an hour or so; then 285 suddenly jumped to 352 in the course of only 40 minutes; and then 352 suddenly went up to 436 in not so many minutes. It must have taken the same person almost the same periods of time to keep ‘hitting’ their own computer.

In reality, this is all bulldust, and just gives final proof that these two people are totally obsessed with myself. (This fact can easily be established by the relevant authorities if necessary). If you require further proof of that, the person creating all these fake hits, announced that they had to go off line for the moment due to a problem with the computer. And guess what?! That post has remained at 9 all day! If you knock the Gov’nor and myself and the statuette off that (and one other regular associate) that makes it only 5, in reality, the same as all the other posts should really be!

But the point is, I really don’t want to keep answering questions about all the childish nonsense. As most people will already be aware, I will always answer questions as truthfully as I can; but if I am asked about manufactured points which are not genuine in the first place, then I do not see why I should have to answer any further ones.

As a good comparison perhaps, it is like somebody asking me . . . “Is it true that you can turn people into frogs?, as this person says you have done!”.
It is, of course, all nonsense. But my point is, please do not expect me to answer such nonsense in the first place! That’s all I’m really saying. Nothing else. So I really would like to see an end to all this nonsense here anyway. In future, such people will just be ignored. I really have neither the time nor inclination to take such allegations seriously. The relevant people have now been informed and will receive anything current, so I’ll just leave to them to make up their own minds.

So, back on track. But I am still here if anyone wants to ask me any serious questions!
For the moment,


13 Responses

  1. Cheese cloth shirts? I hope you are not going to start dressing as an Eastern “guru”! Question: have any of your past women tried to shift your style of dress to suit their tastes? What is the proper reaction of a man in those circumstances? Enquiring cat minds wish to know.

  2. No, no. Not a punk rocker. Maybe a runk pocker. I do sincerely hope you avoid wearing a beige raincoat and a dark beret, as some people will accuse you of imitating the BBC comedy show star. “Ooh Betty, the cat’s done a woopsie on the floor!” (Rubbish, as no proper cat would go on the floor if he could use a house plant instead). Miaow.

  3. Thought you’d be out on the ‘rampage’ this time of the night Cat.
    Anyway, the honest answer is, I have never really ‘changed’ for anyone Cat. I have been criticised for this much in the past, but my attutide has always been people just have to take me as they find me; as I am in fact. If people stay with me and can accept my faults (smokng, drinking a little, keeping late nights, etc) then that’s fine because that proves to myself they are genuine. The same goes for clothes (I am talking mainly about women here, since you asked). I would never ‘dress up’ just to please or impress anyone, and if I’m comfortable going into some restaurant wear sandals, for example, I just do so.
    Having said that, I never set out to intentionally embarrass anyone; But I have found over the years that I really can’t be anyone else but ME!
    I have always put great importance in the necessity of being honest with people. If there are some things I don’t want to talk about, I just don’t. I find that excuseable; lying to try and cover up something or impress anybody, I do not see as anything else but false.
    So, I always wear what I want. Not what happens to be in fashion or just to impress anybody.
    I know you! Next you’ll accuse me of being a ‘Punk rocker’; well forget it; I have no time for them either!
    There’s not that many hours of daylight left now. Hadn’t you better get back ‘out on the tiles again’?!

  4. Yes. That’s right.
    But I guess you could also say only someone with a ‘senile time lapse’ could remember those years so easily!
    Speaking for myself . . . Good old Frank Spencer. Really loved his shows!

  5. Hi David,
    Do you know when your interview for ‘Living’ will be screened? I don’t want to miss it. The ‘Living’ Channel shows some very interesting broadcasts of the paranormal variety, I must say.
    Cheescloth shirts? I used to wear cheesecloth shirts AND skirts with those awful plastic sandals called ‘jellies’ when I was much younger. No, I haven’t seen any around for many years now. Maybe the Indian gurus swiped them all – a perfect excuse for a trip to an Indian ashram!

  6. So glad to see you again American Psycho,
    You always seem to find me wherever I am! Don’t go away again for so long. If you can’t post every day, just STAY!!
    No. I haven’t found any cheesecloth shirts yet. But if there’re out there I will find them! Us witches never give up. In our nature I suppose!
    Well, you obviousy seem to have no objections to my dress preference! But I only like them because they’re so comfortable.
    Thanks for posting again A, I really mean that,
    For the moment,

  7. Sorry Columbine,
    I should have said. That Living programme has already been shown. It was called “Close Encounters of the Ghoulish Kind” and was first transmitted in 1998, but repeated 4 times in 98/99. The presenter was Michael Cole.
    I was talking about the Highgate ‘vampire’ and some other ‘ghost cases’ brought up on the programme.

  8. Never underestimate a witch pining for his cheesecloth. Maybe David should publish a post box address where people can send him clothing. It would at least provide him with a supply of silly hats.

  9. Good idea Cat (for once!),
    Here is the address of the British Psychic and Occult Society in the event anybody wants to contact me by letter. It is:
    PO Box 1112
    London N10 3XE
    I am always willing to answer queries on the paranormal, and if anybody has an old cheesecloth shirt they don’t want . . .!

  10. You may wish to send him a block of Stilton Cheese too, as he is frequently up all night nibbling biscuits and puffing on fags.

  11. Look, I don’t stay up all night Cat. Maybe sleep a little later than most people in the early hours, but still get the same amount of sleep – just at different periods, really.
    For example, its 6.28 now, but I have to be up by eleven tomorrow.
    So really you could say I sleep even less than some people!
    Maybe that is a little too much for your ‘Cat brain’ to take in, but I never lose any ‘human sleep’!
    Never mind! Your’re only a ‘spirit Cat’ now, so it shouldn’t really matter!

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