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Letter To Write

As I said, I don’t mind Mondays – quieter.

Caught up with some ‘land letters’ earlier, which I’d put aside due to the books.

They are going fine, and I now intend to include some Blog extracts to illustrate more up to date events. No shortage of those really – they’re all over the place! (Quite literally really; some are in official quarters as well!). Can’t wait until the books are published really; it will all prove to have been well worth the effort. Well, I’ve been putting enough work into them. I will give all the acknowledgements the end, obviously, but not here yet as I want these to come as a surprise to some people. I am only reminded of this by some letters I’ve been receiving from various religious authorities who are quite impressed by the project so far. I am just awaiting confirmation (rather permission) to actually reproduce a couple of these letters, but it looks promising so far.

I’ve certainly received enough encouragement and support. And, nearer to home, I have my team ’nagging me on’; and one of them tends to be a ’right little madam’! (She knows I don’t mean it really!). Had a well deserved break at a local café/restaurant a little earlier. Apart from not being allowed to smoke inside anymore, it was just nice and peaceful. I only had a couple of teas; but I insisted on buying her a small snack. I had to stress I really wasn’t hungry, but that she could fulfil this for me if I could just see her eat something. We are getting much more relaxed with each other now.

Not long ago she would have just ‘put her foot down’ and insisted she wasn’t hungry. I really liked the old wooden tables; and it wasn’t crowded either. There were candles on them but not lit. Obviously these were saved for the full evening courses. She doesn’t know much about me, but she just accepts me as she finds me. Obviously she knows about my ‘slow walking problem’ (well, I can’t really hide that), but her only concern is to ask if I am in any pain with it. I am not actually, and I tell her so, which fact alone seems to console her. Then after a couple of hours it was back home. And I still have a good few hours left to get back to the books again.

But I’m going to write a letter first (a good old fashioned land letter) as there’s just a couple of things I think I forgot to say and we won’t be meeting again until possibly Thursday, though I hope that will be confirmed by phone.

For the moment,


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