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Jon Randall – A Good Friend Lost and a Request for Help

My good friend Jon Randall passed away at 7.06am yesterday morning (10/04/16) from an unexpected heart attack.

I first met Jon at the beginning of this century through another mutual friend Gareth J Medway. Jon attended several Moot talks I gave in London on the subjects of the unexplained and the occult, and was himself a paranormal researcher and a Member of the Magic Circle. I also wrote several articles for his on-line magazine Pentacle in 2006/7 on Wicca and other unexplained mysteries.

Aside from this we often met socially at gatherings and at parties. Jon was a good person, who called out bull dust when he saw it and was deeply committed to the Old Religion, largely considering arguements about origins a waste of his time – at least, that was how he expressed his feelings to me personally.  He was one of the most spiritual people I have ever met; he respected what elders within the Pagan and Wiccan communities had to bring to the table and what they had contributed to the survivial of the Craft over the centuries. Indeed, Jon himself was selfless in his magickal work, sharing along with Maria their insight and support as those under their direction grew and developed their paths.  He took his role as a High Priest very seriously indeed – not just learning the rituals and the methods but acting in a pastoral role for those he felt spiritually responsible for.

The photograph below was taken approaching Hallowe’en in 2012 and shows Jon and his wife Maria when they came for an impromptu dinner at our Highgate flat. What a fun night after a long, hard day!

After party party chez Farrant © Della Farrant

From left right: Maria, my son Jamie Farrant, and myself sitting next to Jon.

Both Della and myself will miss Jon greatly, and our thoughts go out to Maria during this unhappy time. A time which has left the Pagan community and the magic community (Jon was an accomplished stage magician as well as an esoteric practitioner) shell-shocked.

The fantastic Doug Segal took it upon himself to start a crowd funding campaign yesterday, to help cover the costs of Jon’s funeral and to support Maria financially through the months ahead. 

Many of my readers here will know and love Jon and Maria, and some of you may have heard of Jon but never met him. If any of you can afford even a few pounds or Euros, your support towards his funeral fund would mean so much.

Please donate whatever you can here:

We at the BPOS will all miss you Jon, more than we feel the need to spell out in public here.  Perhaps when the shock has passed a more personal memory will be posted here.

But for now, we’ll see you on the otherside. Sheep only though in the Summerlands please, as Della is terrified of goats 😉

David and Della (Farrant)


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