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I’m Tired!

I’m tired. Although I did manage to get up eleven today after another 5 am turn in.

I only need 4 or 5 hours sleep actually but its not physical tiredness that I mean. I mean a sort of tiredness that comes from over-work. I kid nobody! I have been so occupied with things that it must have drained my brain cells a little. There’s the books, writing letters, business in the bank, telephone calls, posting books out, checking bookshops to make sure they’re well stocked, doing filming, cleaning the place up (although I’ve never been very good at that!), buying wine, cigarettes and food (in that order),n and countless of other things in-between. Add to that this foot/leg/back injury, and it makes things all the more difficult.

I have said this before: but I really DO need a new secretary – only a trustworthy one this time. She (note ‘she’) doesn’t have to be good-looking – but not too ugly either! Can anybody help? Not you thanks, Cat. You’re in my ‘bad books’ at the moment.

You know what the bloody creature did, everyone? Well, I’ll tell you. He tricked me into answering questions about the opposite sex, then put it up on his miaow Blog just soon after. “David Farrant discusses his choice in women” – or something like that Makes me come across as being anti-British and anti-American in favour of French sex-pots! People are just not interested in my choice in women, Cat – at least, I don’t think so!

But back to this secretary thing: all I want is a girl who is interested – if not dedicated – to the subject of the paranormal, and I girl I can trust. That’s not asking too much, surely?!? So anybody interested just email my main Website and it will be forwarded to me.

Incidentally, my good Webmaster can you please get me a couple of pictures of Borley over (re-sized) for tomorrow. Gareth wants to write something on our Borley trip on August 1st and it would be nice to have a picture or two to go with it. Thanks.

What other news of importance? Well, the shop has run out of my 10% Crest beer again, and I just having to make do with “Special Brew” which is only 9%. Still, at least its nice and cold. Went out earlier to get a few things and standing at the bus stop for a bus back some guy approached me who had been at one of my local talks and who had bought my latest book. It really interesting, he told me. “You seem to have gone through so much, and I just couldn’t put it down”. “That’s putting it mildly”, I laughingly replied. “And that’s only the 1st Volume!”.

And so it is, but there’s so much more to do yet. Anyway, its good that Summer is here again. Light nights, light mornings, and light everything else. The Winter seems so dark and cold sometimes – at least that last one did.

And now, having written this, ‘suppose I’d better post it. Should keep K happy anyway. She says my Blog should be more regular!

For the moment, everyone,


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  1. Hi David–tired again boy ? You need a good stint down the pits or in t’ mills working a 12 hour day, soon cure your tiredness!!!!!
    I am just back from holiday and seen what that loony cat has written, well no matter. Who is he anyway, just out of interest, anyone we know??? Or just a groupie?
    tata barbara

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