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Haven’t Forgotten ‘Ghost’ Questions

Well, not tired anymore after a good night’s sleep. Actually, its not so difficult to do that for me (miss a complete night’s sleep). I often work till 4 or 5 in the morning anyway, but this time I went on for a couple of hours longer and before I knew it, it was light!

I haven’t been out today though as it hasn’t stopped raining. Mostly stocked up with essential things, so it didn’t really matter. Well, it did mean that I couldn’t go and see a certain person who didn’t have a day off today, so I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Reading through what I wrote (all) last night). It all seems to have come out in one ‘continuous flow’, which is often better than having tried to think about it. All seems to make more sense when you can just write facts and events down without having to think too much about them. Maybe that’s just an ‘authors perspective’, but it works better for me. I am going to release this book as a priority. Not because I really want to, but because for the purposes of setting straight statements that have recently appeared on the Internet, which really have to be put into their true form and corrected.

You know, I have often wondered why some people are so quick to distort the truth sometimes. Especially when such sensational fiction comes from people who know the true facts of a given situation; but for reasons best known to themselves, have chosen to ignore the truth and enter into the realms of fiction. Strange world sometimes! And please don’t tell me otherwise, I am living in this ‘muddled up’ world. Not as a part of it (I hope!) but sometimes keep being drawn back to all the confusion.

Saw my friend Gareth tonight, and we discussed his forthcoming book. Very well written I have to say after studying the draught transcripts. It is all about mysticism, in one form or another; also about certain ‘ghost cases’ he’s looked into and investigated. We had a couple of glasses of wine and he clarified some ideas in the text. He didn’t stay too long, but we had a fairly long talk.

I really must answer those questions tomorrow about ‘ghosts’. I haven’t forgotten, but really didn’t have time tonight.


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  1. Dear David
    You use the phrase ‘muddled up world’, do you think the world is a harsher and more muddled up place compared to how it was in the 1960s? I ask because people have often said that the 60s was a ‘golden era’. Sometimes the ordinary everyday world of 2007 appears to be quite unpleasant , there is a lack of courtesy and politness, idiocy is something to be cultivated almost.
    Regards Matt

  2. I certainly remember the ’60’s for so much happened for me then, both good and bad; well, I suppose ‘tragic’ is a better word tha ‘bad’. But for me, that decade had its good times as well, and in some respects could well be termed the era of ‘peace and love’.
    What I notice now, in retrospect, is how much more liberal that decade was; not in every respect (like the law, for example), but generally.
    Peoples’ attitudes towards life-styles and love, for example, were much more ‘tolerant’ than they’d been in the fifties (not that I personally have ever taken any notice of indoctrinated attitudes) and there was certainly much less general violence then.
    If you ask me why, Matt, I must honestly say I don’t know.
    Its probably because everything goes in cycles; nothing to do with time or evolution (I don’t mean that) but with human nature which can flutuate unpredictably. What might be considered acceptable or ‘good’ today can just as easily be considered unacceptable or ‘bad’ tomorrow, or vice versa. We just happen to be going through a violent phase at the moment (the whole world is), but in the human world, I am afraid this will always be inevitable. I have always said that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ arise only from human concepts, and the only way to change any concept is to literally ‘rise above it’.
    Religion has tried to do this in so many different ways, but basically that inevitable problem always arises . . human nature.

  3. Three at the moment Craig. And we also have a new comic series planned for next year. That will be in black and white though as colour works out being pretty expensive.
    But to make up for it, it will have double the number of pages, 48 as opposed to 24.
    I’ll keep everyone up to date on that, anyway.
    For now,

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