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Found It!

David Farrant at Highgate 1999

Yes I know K, late again! But thanks for the memo!

You know, I have been just a little busy lately being tied up with other things.  It really is a little difficult now for me to give time to so many things, especially when there’s not much news at the moment.  But I can meet you half way on this because I will have some news tomorrow, and can do a much more interesting post.  I’ve found that book.  Remember the long one on the Highgate Cemetery ‘ghosts’?  The one I was told about but couldn’t get hold of?  (I mentioned it here not so long back)..Well it was finally given to me today (although I haven’t really read it yet).  And I promise you I’ll do a review on it here tomorrow.  It is, as I was originally told, a very new book and a very thick one – well at ₤20 you’d expect it to be!

At a quick glance, it seems to have 2 full pages on Highgate, and myself, of course!  It also mentions a couple of other ‘bonky’ people; not that I’m including myself under the word ‘other’!

So, I’ll review the two or three pages tomorrow which could be quite fun! Talking of which, what’s all this about me ‘laying off the wine’?  I haven’t been on it – been too busy!  And hey, my girl! Before you lecture me on that, what about that boyfriend of yours?  He could ‘drink me under the table’ any day!

Still, hope everything’s okay.  I did phone you about 8 but you weren’t in.  So longer Blog tomorrow, I promise.  In the meantime I’ll fill this up with a Highgate picture tonight.  It was taken in 1999 by Chrissie when we went to Highgate to get some shots for our then magazine.  You’ll really like this book anyway, and I can lend you my copy afterwards.  Thanks and speak a little later.

But for now,


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  1. Hi folks
    everything seems very quiet and the stuff on the cat board falling a bit flat. If I may presume to metnion Robin Hood, if I might be so bold as no one has anything better to talk about, I am in contact with Revd Lionel Fanthorpe, paranormal investigator. Some years ago ,maybe 15, he was all set to come to Yorkshire to investigate the Kirklees Mystery but was inexplicably stopped. Anyhow, that was nowt unusual but a few weeks ago he was in the Halifax Courier of Yorkshire going on about how much paranonomral activity so I asked him about it–well so far there has been no answer as to why he was stopped and by whom!
    For those not in the know, this secret cabal has been going on for years and years about a very mysterious and dickipoggy place,

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