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Carry on Speculating

There seems to have been a lot of speculation recently regarding a French TV film I made back in 1985.

All of  sudden (at least according to one misguided individual) my companion in the film has metamorphosised into Jean-Paul Bourre’s girlfriend Sophie; and Jean-Paul Bourre himself has lost a foot in stature and had an inexplicable and unprecedented attack of camera shyness – and chosen to wear a mask which not only obscures his face but his entire flowing mane of black hair! One only needs to compare published photographs of the woman who is really taking part in the filming (who was undisputedly known to said individual) to realise that Sophie did not have plastic surgery between 1981 and 1985 when the photograph was taken. But this is only the beginning, because if we go on to take other posts by this same person at all seriously, we are led to believe that a recent Valentine’s Day photograph showing myself and Della, is also a similar ‘optical illusion’. Here this same person is publicly stating that Della is not herself (solely because her silky hair has fallen over her face – regardless of it being of an entirely different colour!) In fact, this person has attributed to her the identity of a friend of mine called Christine, who was not even present when this private photograph was taken.

I don’t know! Call it senile dementia if you like, but I really feel that the person making these public allegations is in need of some serious mental counselling.

How people can even believe these sordid speculations is somewhat beyond me. Why a happy newlywed (married to someone entirely separate from myself) would pose for such photos – before and after her marriage – makes no sense at all. What does make sense is a happy newlywed posing for photos with her real husband but obscuring her face to avoid exactly the sort of sinister – actually, criminal – stalking behaviours I am referring to. Such allegations are only believed by a minute handful of people, and are repeated by some with no more intelligence than to believe such ‘fairytale speculations’. (sorry Sister Babs, nothing personally intended, but perhaps you should go back to believing in your fantasies about the ghost of Robin Hood and Red Roger, as you seem better equipped to deal with these than real life situations!)

If people really cannot distinguish between the sensationalist plots in their favourite soap operas, and the real lives of others, then there really is not much hope for them in embracing any cognisance of reality. But I suppose it gives them something to fill their lonely hours between walking their dogs, trawling the net and waiting for yet another episode of Emmerdale. Each to their own, I suppose!

But, as (as opposed to what some deluded people would have it believed) I am a happily married man, I better sign off and go to bed!

For now everyone,



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