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Della’s Home

Della is home.  She came back today after a 5-day working trip to Paris and reached me about 4 o’clock.

She parked on the forecourt, and I helped her up with her basic things from the car.  She left all the unessential work things in the boot, as she said it would be easier than carrying them down again in the morning.  She had brought me a couple of presents and also about six bottles of French red wine, which she said we could open later.  She slumped back on the couch, and she said that in the meantime she’d really appreciate a cup of coffee.  She looked quite exhausted – I could see it in her eyes – but the Paris is quite a long drive:  especially when you have nobody to talk to, she said.

The trip had been successful, at least from the business meetings point of view.  But she said that apart from that, she was really stuck on her own, even down to eating in the hotel  I felt a little guilty, and I told her so again.  I had not looked before and had no idea my 10 year passport had gone over the date.  It was too late to do anything when did check.  They don’t issue Visitor’s Passports anymore, and there was little I could do.

We ordered a Chinese meal about 6.30  Very good meal.  No lobster this time, but king prawns instead.  Anyway the whole thing was very filling.  And after that we could just relax.

I really like Della: one main reason is, I know I can trust her.  We can talk about anything; whether objectively, confidentially  or even intimately.  It makes a refreshing change to know you can really trust another – unlike some of the black moods I’ve been subjected to recently, from some people ‘sulking’ just because they hadn’t understood certain things I said to them.

Anyway, she said that she really wanted to go to bed quite early, and I said to  tell me when she was ready,  and I’d prepare the bed next door for her. The subject got on to the ‘bare shoulders’ scandal, which she really thought was quite funny as she’d was reading SNW.  She laughed, and showed me her night attire which she’s taken to Paris with her.  “This hasn’t got bare shoulders, but its pretty low cut as you can see”, she said.  We both laughed, and I threatened to mention it!   “You can if you want to. Its only a nightdress!”, she said.  Yes but what a nightdress!  I swear the thing hardly had any back on it!  But at least it had shoulder straps!

Might be another Paris trip coming up in June, and I have promised her I will have my passport renewed by then.  And I will as well.  She is not back at work now till Wednesday.  So hopefully she will decide to stay over a little.  Its nice to have her back.



8 Responses

  1. Perhaps people DO understand you,David?But they may not necessarily agree with everything you say?Not everyone thinks the same way you do?It is YOU who sulked,and has had a black mood,not me? .You shouldnt have told me what i can and cant do.You are too used to people obeying your every whim .Blackorchid[Clarmonde]

  2. hello David,
    I’ve been absorbed by other matters and the writing of the script, but I do keep half an eye on your adventures. Sorry to hear you never made it to paris, shame.
    Talk again soon
    kind regards

  3. I have never told you what to do, Luci. I may have asked you what NOT to do in regard to posting about myself, but this is a subtle difference. You obviously missed it.

  4. It doesnt matter what words you use, not arguing”these words were used,those words were used”.The fact is this-you put me in a place where i did not want or choose to BE.You made me feel compromised into doing something iDID NOT WANT TO DO,and when i told you i didnt want to do it,you didnt like it.If i do not want to do something,and say no,then you should accept that?Luci

  5. Personally,telling me not to talk to Anthony on your thread,didnt make sense?Especially as everyone else talks to him on your thread,including Della,and you seem to raise no objections to that?In view of this,your request to me just seemed rather strange,if not bizarre?Luci

  6. If you want to post here, Luci, at least try and get you’re facts right.
    Every time I spoke to you (on the phone), you were complaining to me about how Anthony had been rude to you, and you wanted to respond ib a similar manner. I frequently told you not to respond if the way you were intending as he was just ‘winding you up’ and the best thing you could do was to ignore it. I told you that people just did not want to entertain with sort of nastiness and conflict, so not to answer and just ignore it. Unless you have a VERY short memory, you would remember this. There had been complaints about the aggressive stance you were adopting and I said I would talk to you about it, which I did.
    I also said that I did not want to be discussed between Hoggy and
    yourself, and if you wanted to persist in this you should take such discussion off my personal thread as there was no need for it there.
    THAT’S what happened, which I’m sure you will be able to recall if you remember rationally.
    You were the one who was continually complaining to myself about him ‘being rude’ to you. All I did was told you to ignore it as I had been doing. You chose not to take my advice which is entirely your choice. However, attempting to manilupate the facts at this late stage, is hardly doing your case any good. For many months I tried to defend you on Arcadia and SNW – which is still there for people to see. I did not ask much of you – merely not to rise to the on-going provocation. You chose to ignore my advice and subsequently had several of your posts deleted in the process. Or have you conveniently forgotten this as well?

  7. Thank you for replying,David.I do remember everything you said,and i AM thinking rationally,even though you may say i am not.I, truthfully,am not trying to manipulate any facts.Even though you have pointed out various factual things,all i can say is”that was then”-somewhere along the way,my attitude changed,i overcame my animosity to Anthony.And i no longer found him irritating?Sometimes,circumstances change?You told people that i would nt talk to him.Well,i fail to see why these people whom you assured i wouldnt talk to him ,did not discuss it with me?I am not a child,David.I am quite capable of taking responsibility for my own actions? However,i can understand and hear what you are saying.I do not want to perpetuate this argument.It is best if it is resolved.However,i would like to ask you whether the conversations you had with these people about me not talking to Anthony on your thread,would still be considered relevant,now it is obvious that there isnt any”aggression” or conflict between Anthony and myself?The crux of the matter is that if promises were made,of course you do not wish to go back on them,I can see that,but the fact remains,that situations do NOT stay the same?That is not having a short memory-people change-thats just the way things are. Luci

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