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Della Mentioned That . . .

I see the Canadian broadcaster and psychic investigator, Steve Genier, has now uploaded last Sunday’s episode of Nocturnal Frequency Radio to the archives of the show which means, of course, it can now be downloaded by any interested people.

This involved a 2-hour interview (well almost!) with myself about the recent release (July 23) of the 2nd Volume of my autobiography  “David Farrant: Out of the Shadows”, and, for a pleasant change, a couple of slots with the person who wrote the 15- page Introduction to the book; my close friend Della.  She was a little nervous about going on air at first but – with my irresistible charm – I managed to persuade her to do so.  Steve and Alex (his co-presenter on the show) were especially interested in talking to her; mostly because she had more knowledge than most about the intricacies of my life; but  more so, perhaps, because had studied many aspects of my 1974 Old Bailey ‘witchcraft Trial’ which have never been released to the general public.  She was aware, for example, of the inherent corruption in the Metropolitan Police Force which resulted in “Operation Countryman” (a six year Parliamentary inquiry into the way police interviewed suspects without the use of tape recorders) which resulted in 400 police officers losing their jobs but, surprisingly, no prosecutions

For the purposes of her research, of course, I had given Della full access to all the papers relating to the case; including Court transcript, witness statements, depositions, private photographs and letters, and much, much more.  And she was especially fortunate in knowing a retired ex-Met police officer who read her transcript before she passed it on to me for publication.  Interestingly, he told her that what had happened to myself had been a serious miscarriage of justice, mainly because of so-called ‘admissions’ by ‘myself’ admitting to the five Highgate Cemetery charges and ‘confessing’ that I (and others whom I refused to name for their own protection)  conducted ‘nude Satanic orgies’ in Highgate Cemetery at night and had desecrated tombs and vaults there.  I was, in fact, to be found not guilty of the three major charges, but found guilty of two minor ones that had only been introduced at the last minute.  This ex-police officer also told her (accepting my assertion that I had denied these alleged ‘confessions’ and none of these had been signed by myself) that it would not be possible to obtain convictions in such a manner today as the law had been changed in 1984 to make compulsory the use of witnessed tape recordings (with the right to have a solicitor present, which I was denied) during police interviews.

Della mentioned these facts in her long Introduction; and this was probably yet another reason why Steve and Alex were pleased when she agreed to go onto the show.

But I think the whole interview went well,  and anybody can now download it if they would like to hear what was actually said.  Alternatively, they could read the book, which has now been registered at Nielsens and Amazon, is on Ebay, and can be ordered at most bookshops.

On the subject of publications,  I am pleased to announce (again) that the second part of the 2007 American Comic Book will be out around Hallowe’en.  In fact, I was reading my copy earlier and its probably the funniest thing you’ve ever seen: at least in relation to the Highgate case and the parts other people had to play in the scenario.  The ‘bonky one’ with his ‘tea pot cosy’ has not been forgotten; as indeed, has neither the ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ who ‘has no heart’ nor the dear little ‘piggy creature’ who has since announced he is writing an ‘Internet book’ –  with the obvious intention of also cashing in on the Highgate case.  And indeed, neither has myself!  I take a starring role as well; yes, together with all the usual ridicule.  But having said that, I don’t really mind believe it or not.  I have always maintained that it is essential to retain some sense of humour in this somewhat depressing world, and I like to think that at least I have not lost that!

Well, a night off tonight – for a change.  Just some wine and a few letters to keep me company.

People here tomorrow, then again Saturday when more filming is scheduled.

Then another radio broadcast on Tuesday, but they have agreed to keep the ‘bloody’ Highgate Vampire out of it.  Can’t say I care about that – indeed, it was mostly my own suggestion!  It can get a bit boring to have to keep repeating facts which took place over 40 years ago!

See you all again soon everyone,



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