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Blog Time Again

Well, I suppose its Blog time again; I mean, for actually writing something as opposed to just letting you read about some old investigations.

Having said that, not much news of late really – at least, nothing I can disclose here at the moment (confidential reasons, no less).

I went out today, and was pleasantly surprised by the weather.  Still cold because of an East wind, but bright and sunny with it.  Just wandered around catching up on a few things.  Places I’d put back, such as the Post Office, the Bank etc.  All stuff that had to be done, although I’d just delayed doing it.  Well, you can only postpone some things for so long before there’s no excuses left!  But

I’ve always tended to leave things to the ‘last minute’ – basic material things, that is.  Not the writing, as I don’t view that as ‘material’!

Beautiful girl in a shop I had to go into in Muswell Hill, and we got talking again.  Its easy to talk naturally (at least I find it is),  but then I seem to carry an unwanted reputation around with me – although luckily, she was not aware of that. Then I headed back to the Supermarket and met my friend Rose who was still standing outside selling her “Big Issues”.  She was talking to Ben, a well known pavement artist in the area, when I arrived.  He said ‘hello’ to me, and she just said . . . “I might have known you two would have known each other”!  Well, ‘eccentrics’ tend to stand apart from other people, I guess, but she immediately spotted it!

So then, into the Supermarket.  Just to get some basics, like bread and another bottle of wine.  And, yes, and a packet of cigarettes, lest I forget!

K told me recently (in person no less) that I really must stop mentioning cigarettes on my  Blog; let alone allow any photographs of me on there smoking.  She stressed it was ‘anti-social’ nowadays and wouldn’t do my image much good!  K, sweetheart. You know I love you really, but I don’t really give a damn about what people think about that, or the whole smoking issue.  I just don’t want to disguise it, that’s all.  But thanks for caring, many people wouldn’t bother!

So, then I walked home, and began finishing another chapter of the book.  Without wanting to sound repetitious, that will be out by the end of the year and will probably give more cause for ‘salacious gossip’!  Not that I care – people gossip anyway without the books!

But I guess that’s part of the tragedy;  I’m judged sometimes only by the gossip (and I’m talking only about that which is ‘filtered’ through some tea pot cosy’s which adorn the tables covered with theYorkshire Puddings of this world),  and not for myself, as I really am.

But having said that, better get back to some more writing!


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