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As She Is Not Spoke

I’ve got to be careful here, as there is no way I wish to discuss personal relationships – current relationships at least. But sometimes life can be so strange; sometimes it just never lets you know what’s going to happen. Maybe I’ll say more about that later, but in the meantime I’ll just relax and see.
Interest in the old Highgate ‘vampire’ case is still very active in France, that I do know. Contacted today by somebody in France wanting old details. Don’t think its anything to do with the new book as I was told that was finished; at least the text was but they could be holding space to select photographs. But this request wasn’t for photographs, so not exactly sure what the project is; even who the person is – at least, her motivations or profession.
I’ll just wait and see about that too. Never believed in ‘forcing issues’, just wait for them to take their given course naturally.
Went to get a beer out of the fridge just now, and realised there’s hardly any food in it! Not that I’m hungry at the moment but its going to mean more walking tomorrow. I sometimes wish we didn’t have to eat at all – life would be far simpler!


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  1. “I sometimes wish we didn’t have to eat at all – life would be far simpler!”
    Not if we only drank booze!
    we’d end up in a&e every night instead of just the weekend lol

  2. In my experience, men tenants can get along brilliantly for months with nothing but a fridge full of beer, whereas women require noshing. – Vi

  3. Yes, maybe. But I seem to remember you were drinking a pint of something when you bought me that glass of wine!

  4. Personally, I have mixed feelings about these French authors. In the English speaking world, books about vampirism and black magic all tend to rehash the same sensationalist rubbish over and over again. French books on these subjects, by contrast, continually rehash a completely different set of sensationalist material, such as a ‘Red Mass’ in the ‘House of the Seven Deaths’ in Venice, which is highly refreshing at first sight, but on reconsideration it is rubbish just the same. One particular author, who wrote about you at great length, said things like “Il m’arrive d’inviter Christian Vander, David Farrant ou l’esprit de Charles Manson, et de jouer le jeu noir sur la bande F.M.” which is not very nice, still less his implied association of yourself with “Douze meutres dans Muswell Hill”. (Jean-Paul Bourre, ‘Le sang, la mort et le diable’, Henri Veyrier, Paris, 1985, pp.107, 161.) There were dozens of more pages in this vein, and I can’t imagine that such people get more realistic with age.
    Gareth J. Medway

  5. I should explain that the above post was from Gareth who visited me this evening. He was using my computer to give his view. I think it is a very accurate one too. Maybe I’ll comment more on this and the ‘French scandal’ tomorrow.

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